Blink Season 2 Episode 1: Dr. Leo, Our Biggest Fan

Leo Bissonnette, Ph.D.

Fedora Outlier may not have an assistive technology cheerleading squad but if we did, then Dr. Leo Bissonnette would without a doubt be the captain of it. He has and continues to support what Fedora Outlier does in regards to providing top notch consulting, teaching and support for all of Apple’s products to the blind, visually impaired and deaf-blind communities.

Leo, who has a doctorate in Sociology, loves assistive technology of all types and feels that it is very important that the blindness communities learn how to use such devices as iPhones, iPads and computers proficiently and independently.

How did Leo become so interested in assistive technology in the first place? I’m glad you asked that question.

In the 1980’s Leo started teaching at the Montreal Association for the Blind at a time when the first generation of VersaBrailles came out. Leo would eventually become the coordinator of Disability Services at Concordia University where he helped students learn assistive technology and how to integrate the skills learned into their daily lives. Now retired, he continues to help others learn how to use what he calls, “the important tools of a blind person’s tool box.”

My first interaction with Leo was when I asked him to be a part of Fedora Outlier’s popular AccessChat which is an interactive chat between a particular guest and the blindness community via Twitter. I remember Leo telling me that he did not use Twitter very much but that he was willing to learn so that he could participate in the chat. This open mindedness is only one of many qualities that Leo possesses when it comes to the use of assistive technology.

What I love about Leo is the fact that he is always willing to share his knowledge and ideas about new applications, products or concerns that can and will affect how the blindness community learns and uses today’s technology on a daily basis.

Leo lives with his wife Coralie in Pointe Claire, Quebec which is a suburb of Montreal, Canada along with his black Labrador retriever guide dog Addison, loves American baseball and cheers for an assistive technology firm called Fedora Outlier, LLC!

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Wild Card 5, Conversing with Mom

In life you have those that influence you to be the best you can be…

For me that person was my Mother.

She told me over and over again that a handicap is in my mind and I could be whoever I wanted to be, go where ever I wanted to go and do what ever I wanted to do.

No matter what others told me I knew that leading the blind into greatness was a HUGE passion of mines.

Just like Mom I enjoy helping my blind family to overcome life’s obstacles and raise our culture to a higher level.

Listen to the interview, get empowered and most of all help others along your journey.

Just a couple of Wild Cards left, so enjoy and get ready for season 2 of Blink coming in December 2015.

Wild Card 4, We So Us

Leaving a legacy behind that helps to shape the world is an amazingly noble cause.

Do you know the man or woman who invented the paper check?

How about a guy by the name of Steve Jobs?

Well, both of the individuals named above are super important to our history and both have left a legacy that will be talked about for years.

The biggest difference is one persons life is documented very well and the other wasn’t.

This could have been by choice or by happenstance, but either way if you want to leave a legacy you should document everything!

My legacy is to change the world of assistive technology teaching for the blind and deaf-blind and create a universe where our culture is remembered for being super, uber, amazingly great at whatever we choose to do in life!!!

What’s your legacy?

Wild Card 3 (Employment Part 2)

This one is a goody…

We have Mrs. Marcia Lane Robinson on the line with us to break down employment, the barriers and how to overcome them with effective speaking.

Personally I think that speaking well helps you to communicate effectively and have a greater impact with your message.

Let’s take a listen, get empowered and change the world with my friend and mentor Mrs Marcia Lane Robinson.

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Wild Card 2 (Employment)

No matter if you call her Nelly Mel, Mel or Mary she’s back and we’re going all the way in on employment for the blind.

We’ll briefly touch on some of the issues that keep us from moving forward and generating income that is meaningful purposeful and profitable.

What’s your thoughts on the lack of employment in our culture?

Mary says that it’s time out for playing and that we need to screen and shout more for employment.

Personally I agree whole heartedly!

What about you?

Ever wanted to start a business? What about getting your career off the ground? Get with Fedora, Blind Alive or just get a mentor for where you want to be in life and lets go…

Blink Season 2 (Shark Tank) will be the best we’ve ever created and it will be in your ears after Wild Card…be right back!

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Wild Card 1 (Innocence)

Stay tuned as we come back to Blink. The reality show where employment for the blind and deaf-blind is not just a dream anymore.

In the second season (Shark Tank), the Realist move to video. We went from 23 contestants to a little over a handful still in the running.

We’ve already brought a few individuals aboard the team already. They were just super valuable and we couldn’t resist.

We look forward to working with the new associates and changing the world together!

As we transition from audio to video we invite you to enjoy the Wild Card Series and we’ll be right back…

This one is me and my nephew T.

Let’s tell the story…

Its funny how life turns out. You go from being little, with no worries in the world to a grown person and lots of responsibilities to bare.

This one brings me back to my childhood as a 9 year old as I reminisce outside in the rain and follow through with a interview of my nine year old nephew Mr. Taboris Scott.

I wish I could go back to the days of innocence, don’t you?

After listening get a free chapter of detective DJ’s mystery book and join our campaign against bullying.

Blink S1 E7 The Sponsor

The Fedora Outlier team appreciates our premier sponsor for our first reality show.

6Dat helps the blind and deaf-blind to label everything in their life easily with the 6Dot Braille Label Maker.

In this interview we talk with the owners of 6Dot in a tell all about the braille label maker.

In our next sponsor update myself and Damashe take the 6Dot Braille Maker for a test spin, but for now listen to our sponsor tell you everything you need to know to start labeling your world.

This product is for braille educators, those wanting to label household and office items and anyone else who uses braille and need to label things in their life.

Blink S1 E6, Not A Game

Even though we have fun answering the crazy questions I ask on the show, we still realize that games are meant to be won.

We want to win at the game of life and have equal employment, so we can enjoy living just like everyone else.

The questions are designed to be lighthearted and serious at the same time.

Listen to the realist, their responses and join us next week for the last episode in season 1.

Get ready for the debut of Wild Card.. as Blink moves to video.