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Your Gift Will Make Room For You Goes Live On FAQ Facebook Friday

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Earlier this week we asked the question of our friends of the firm….

We wanted to know….

What is your gift?

We appreciate you responding to our request and sharing your gift with the world.

Don’t know your gift or how to find it?

FAQ Friday (California Edition) Just Went Live

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As the title states we are in California for the week.

It’s the perfect place to answer the below questions because the answer to all three of them are what lead me to be here in the first place.

and the questions are?

Outliers with Reginald Ford

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A man after my own hat… I mean heart. LOL

A young up and coming leader on his path to greatness is what you are going to gleam from this interview.

Outlier’s with Walter Mitchell

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Walt is a great interview…

He was so great I interviewed him twice. Well, the reason was really because I lost the first recording.

I found out that he plays the guitar and is super into family and making things happen.

Outlier’s with Warren Crudup

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Imagine this…

Everything is great in your life. You have the American dream. Then

You wake up and can’t move…

You go back to sleep thinking it’s a dream and then you wake back up and you are blind as the end result.

Outlier’s with Torrey Wilson

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The doctors say he has Aspergers, plus he’s blind and yet he can’t be stopped when it comes to his dream…

Torrey wants to be on the radio and we are going to make that happen for sure.

Outliers With Beautiful Phillips

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Yup, Beautiful is her name from birth. Beautiful is her mission in life and she full-fills it greatly.

Her interview has already inspired hundreds when we first posted it on Facebook.

She takes it to a new level when she talked about her books, her business ventures and her art.

Outliers with Sheronda White

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A Jacquelyn of all trades, a motivational speaker to the world and simply one of the best people you can ever know.

I met Sheronda first in Detroit Michigan about 12 or so years ago then again in Baltimore Maryland several years later and what was she doing?

Getting to the finish line verses pretending

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Ever met one of those people who would rather take a picture of themselves at the finish line as if they actually ran the race? They want INSTANT success when it’s just not possible for most. Yup, I get it…

There are some who make it on the first try and we call them outliers.

Outlier’s with Roberta Joanjensen

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Ever had the desire to preserve history? What about the sensation to change the world?

Well Roberta wants to do both…

She is on a mission that she needs your help with and in turn it’s going to change the world.