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Can I Tell You A Long, Compelling And Dramatic Story?

We hope you had a fantastic & Productive week! It’s been an exciting one here at Fedora and we’re anxious to tell you all about it.

This week we’re taking a little break from FAQ Friday to tell you a super empowering, compelling and dramatic story that we think you will absolutely love.

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But don’t worry, FAQ Friday will be back and better than ever next week! We’ve recieved TONS of submissions that continue coming in everyday

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: What’s next for Fedora Outlier LLC?

So, I started this thing awhile back.

Fedora was already doing pretty well,
but I really wanted to surround myself with
smart folks that could help us come up with
new ideas and strategies.

It worked even better than I would have
dreamed possible (and boy we are glad we did it).

Here’s what’s going to happen next as a result:

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FAQ Friday for August 17th is here!

It’s that time again – FAQ Friday is upon us again!

This weeks video is jam packed with some great information and tips on how to sort out your thoughts / ideas and know which ones are worth pursuing.

As well as how to become a successful, PAID professional speaker.

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We’ll see you next week for some exciting announcements we think you’re going to love!

When Should I Listen to My Gut?


We’ve had such a great response to our live teaching session last Tuesday!

And in honor of that, We’ve got a SURPRISE in store for you guys early next week – stay tuned for details!

But until then let’s get into what’s ahead for this week.


A great email came in from A long time member and friend of Fedora over the weekend.

He asks these three important questions:

  1. How do I know which of my thoughts / ideas are good and deserve my time?

  2. How do I know what to focus on when I have 10 things going on in my mind at once?

  3. My time is valuable and I don’t want to give it away for free – How do I get PAID to be a public speaker?

Tune in Friday on our YouTube channel @ for the answers, it’s going to be a good one!


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That’s a wrap for this weeks Wednesday email – what else would you like to see us discuss? Drop us a line and let us know!

Step inside the world of a Fedora Outlier LLC Teaching session.

We are so excited to share this video with you!

For the first time ever, you can take a glimpse inside a one on one teaching session with VaShaun Jones and see how the magic happens!

Leslie wants to learn how to use various sound effects and inflections to enhance her storytelling with what she calls “dramatic audio”.

Watch below to follow along as she learns a new way to make it happen:

What other types of videos would you like to see from Fedora? Comment below and let us know.

Until next time, have a great rest of the week!

How is it August already!?

Can you believe more than half the year is already over?

We’ve been having so much fun here at Fedora Outlier LLC that it has just flown by!

Let’s jump right into some updates before it magically becomes September.


This weeks FAQ Friday we’ll be covering these three burning questions that you’ve submitted:

  1. How do you Present using keynote?

  2. How do you start a podcast?

  3. How do you switch sheets in numbers?

  4. How to start, manage and market a “brand”?


Yep, we are at it again!

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Are you using social media to your full advantage?

Do you have something to say or sell?

These are the two main ways we all use social media.

If the answer is “yes”, then you need to have a presence social media – ALL OF THEM!

On today’s FAQ Friday, we show you how to properly manage and maintain all of your social media accounts.

We also tell you all about our next $100 giveaway contest!

Head on over to our YouTube channel AT or click play below to watch now:

Thank you to everyone who sent in their questions and challenges they’ve faced using instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.

Your input is what makes these videos so interactive!

We hope you have a great weekend.

Do You Want to Close Your VR Case Successfully?


FAQ Friday is now up on YouTube for you to view and enjoy!

This week we’re covering closing your VR case, taking quality videos / photos and how to make money on the internet.

Watch the video below:

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Have a great weekend!

Here’s what’s going down on this weeks FAQ FRIDAY:

  1. We tell you all about The YouTube scam drama that put our blind detective skills to the test!

  2. We’ll be selecting a NEW winner for that $100 YouTube subscription grand prize contest!

  3. Telling you more about Google World and what we’ve been working on.

  4. And of course, we’ll be answering your questions that you’ve sent in over the past 2 weeks.