FAQ FB Fridays’ have taken on a mind of its own… We apologize

Fedora appreciates everyone who contacts us for questions, teaching and advice. This includes you, of course!

Our last post talked about a new product and me answering questions today.

I actually meant next Friday August 6th.

There were lots of questions that came in and I want to ensure we get them all in and be able to make the announcement in GRAND fashion.

We are ramping up to once again do something that has never been done before in our community and I want the announcement to be super special…

We’ll be taking a road trip and giving you an experience both audibly and visually that will knock everything else you’ve seen or heard from us out of the box so to speak.

We ask three things of you super quick…

  1. You give us to the 6th of April to break the news

  2. When you watch our posting on that day we are going to stress that you wear headphones or earbuds to maximize the effect

  3. You except our apology for not giving you a full FAQ FB Friday today and know in your hearts that we will make it up to you next week for sure

Again , we want it to be special!

Here is the link to the original video that started it all. Three years later Apple has given us new tools to do this special presentation in an amazing way.

Watch the video here… http://www.fedoraoutlier.com/titts

Then join us either LIVE or later on Friday April 6th 2018

This Friday’s FAQ FB is us taking it to the streets (walk with me)

Ever wanted to shoot, produce, edit, audio describe, translate for the deaf and hard of hearing your video creations and send them out to the world? Yes,? No?, Maybe…

Well three years or so ago I shocked the world and did just that…

The video short I created was called “TAKE It TO THE STREETS”

You can press play over at http://www.fedoraoutlier.com/titts/ and watch the best, most accessible video ever created 100% by the blind.

Then stay tuned for Friday’s FAQ Facebook post for a special announcement from the streets… I got some new technologies I’ve been testing and something exciting in the world of audio that’s pretty 3 dimensional. WINK.WINK.NUDGE.NUDGE

Oh, yeah and we got plenty of your questions to answer as well.

FAQ FB Friday Is All About Keynote For Some Reason

Lots of questions, so little time. Let’s go…

Kerryann in Barbados writes in and wants to know how to add audio and video to her slide presentation.

Amanda in Australia sends a iMessage and wants to know how she can present her Keynote presentation on a live event then take questions at the end.

Warren from Georgia emails again and asks another question pertaining to deleting bookmarks in Safari.

We are going to have to send Warren a invoice… Just serious.

Marcia in South Carolina wants to create a membership site and wants to know how and what she needs to get started and what software/services to use.

All these questions answered and more in this weeks FAQ Friday FB LIVE for March 23, 2018…

Here’s the replay….

FAQ Friday on FB early as I celebrate my birthday, plus a tribute

Hey there: can you believe it? It’s another turn around the clock and I turn… 42.I’m excited to answer your questions today because i found them to be very interesting and i believe the’ll help allot of people.

Here’s some of the things friends of the firm asked…

• How do I use my knowledge to make money on the internet?

• I have a backer for my restaurant startup, but I don’t know how to do a proposal

• Why are your prices so high? Can i have one on one teaching directly from you verses online?

•Can a person master something completely?

•How many years have you been in business?

Plus I’m going to tell you some grandma stories…

Here’s the video….

Keep the questions coming by emailing me at: excellence@fedoraoutlier.com .

Crazy day so far and it’s just beginning

At least I have your questions to keep me balanced.

Thanks for writing in. Here’s what we have this week.

Keep them coming…

This Friday’s FAQ Facebook live will answer the age old business question of LLC verses non-profit as a disabled person or anyone for that matter.

We’ll get into how to make money from the internet and one lady emails me to ask about my passion and why I do things the way I do them.

Here goes nothing…. the video is right there!

To a blind person what does the words “right there” mean?

A guy said that to me in a eatery and I just looked at him until he got the point. I thought it was funny after he realized the error of his ways.

Click the below link…

Right here

Questions, Questions And More Questions On This Fridays FAQ FaceBook Live

Here’s the first answer to one of the questions asked…

Jermaine wanted to know when do I go live on Fridays?

Answer: I go live after coffee (lots of it) and when I feel the time is right.

I don’t have a set time because I’m either on the road, in the air or practicing my saxophone, so time is when I feel it.

There are three other questions I’ll be answering this Friday.

Watch the short video here to find out what they are and to submit your query.

Video is here.

We’ll see you on the inside…..

Fedora Outlier presents: FAQ Friday on Facebook

Sing along with me now…

It’s Friday, It’s Friday, It’s FAQ Friday!

All together now.

Can’t sing?

Me either…

What I can do is tell you everything I know thus far about the Apple HomePod, that’s what I’m best at.

It’s great!

That’s it. That’s all you need to know.

Now go buy it…

Ok, Ok, I’ll let you hear it first…

Then go buy it.

Here’s the review.

Watch the video here.
We’ll see you on the inside…

A 1st Review Of Apples’ HomePod On This Weeks FAQ Friday

Mike sent us a iMessage last Friday asking for a review of the new HomePod, so in Fedora fashion…

When you ask… we answer.

Coming up Feb. 16th is my thoughts on the HomePod, its accessibility and use cases that work for me and what may be great for you.

I’ve had it for a week and there are some pretty interesting things to note about Apples’ latest creation.

We’ll get into all of it in a few days. Until then…

Remember to Send a “LIKE” our way over at facebook.com/fedoraoutlierllc

We’ll see you on the inside…