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I Am Depressed Because I Am Blind

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I know I may seem like a positive and upbeat guy all the time, but even I have struggled with depression. 

Dealing with blindness (or any disability) comes with it’s fair share of hurdles and heartbreaks… 

But, it also comes with triumphs and enhanced experiences. 

Blindness was one of the worst things that ever happened to me … but it was also one of the best. 

To hear my story and the daily affirmations that keep me going, 

and please share yours in the comments as well.

A Blind Man Can Get a Concealed Carry Permit?!

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Yes, it’s true! 

Blind individuals are able to obtain a firearms carry permit as long as they meet all the requirements of their state. 

There are many strong opinions from the sighted and visually impaired on whether or not this a good idea …

Where do YOU stand? 

and weigh in on whether you think it should be a right that is extended to all individuals, even if they are blind.

VR Says…

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Y’all, Vashaun is preaching in today’s video! 

A recent quote posted by Vocational Rehabilitation has inspired him to lay out the facts… 

“It’s Never Too Late to Become What You Could’ve Been” 

You are never too old, too disabled or too late when it comes to achieving your dreams! 

Watch “VR Says…” now and tell us what your dreams are and how you can take a step TODAY in achieving them.

Who Is Supporting YOU?

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We all know how important a great support system is when trying to succeed in life…

So, who is supporting YOU?

Whose on your “council of advisors”?

I have mentors, teachers, coaches, family, friends and even a few nay-sayers in my support system and each one of them plays an important role.

So, whose on YOUR team and how do you stack the roster for the best possible outcomes?

​Watch “Who Is Supporting YOU?” and share your lineup in the comments!