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{Book Signing} Opportunity Comes To Those That Create Them

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At age 41 I would have never thought that I would make it through allot of the challenges life throws in your way.

I never never, dreamed of being able to change the lives of thousands of disabled people…

I would have never thought that my company would be a household name when it comes to the best assistive technology consulting, teaching and support of Apples’ born accessible devices.

Saturday April 22nd at 2:05 PM my life took another twist and I was able to meet Charlamagne The God, have a convo, get two books signed and then…

I took my opportunity and asked how can we connect?

He told me and now we have another strong connection from a person who really believes in changing the world.

VaShaun meeting Charlemagne The God
VaShaun getting a book signed by Charlemagne The God for his daughter, Kaylah Jones.
VaShaun meeting Charlemagne The God
VaShaun meeting Charlemagne The God

The pic At the top is Charlamagne signing the book for my daughter Kaylah Jones and….

the one on the bottom is me shaking his hand.

Amazing what happens when you believe! and put in the work.

Outliers With Gwen Hollie Part One

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Her husbands words and mentorship changed my life, increased my income 100% and made my marriage better than excellent.

He told me I should be working with Federal contracts, so I immediately went to work on my mentors advice.

He told me to love on my wife everyday and so I do even though she tells me to leave her feet alone. (I love her feet)

He told me how to get what I wanted from the government and the people who work for me.

We now have two federal contracts, more on the way and 34 team members. (I don’t always get what I want, but I know how)

Bill turned his business into a million dollar business and…

Fedora Outlier LLC echoes his progression to grow and go even further.

He told me so, so much in the years we knew each other that all I can do now is sit and remember, try to reflect then take his words and turn them into action.

RIP Bill!

Here to give the interview I never had the chance to do is Bill’s lovely widow Gwen Holley.

This interview comes in two parts.

Gwen is giving you a snip it into Bill’s life and it’s our hope that you understand that one person can change the world.

Listen up, learn and then level up your game and life from this two part interview.

In Person event, Outlier’s live with Tamer Zaid

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Outlier’s goes live at the 2017 NFB and ACB national conventions.

Meet VaShaun Jones, Tamer Zaid and other world changers as we walk you step by step through our journey of how to find or create work that is meaningful, purposeful and profitable.

VaShaun is the Visionary of Fedora Outlier LLC and Tamer Zaid is a completely blind Product Zone Specialist for Apple Inc.

This live event will give you two perspectives on employment, life, fears, tears of joy, the struggles, mistakes to being able to give back to the people that need it most.

Our students that deserve more than what we had as a student!

100% of the ticket sales from this event goes to the EMPOWER scholarship for any full time student wanting to start their own business

(ages 14 and up)

Here’s the full list of qualifiers…

  1. You must be a full time student

  2. You must purchase a ticket to the event

  3. You must have a strong desire to create, launch and profit from your own business

and you must apprentice with Fedora Outlier LLC and it’s team.

and agree to be mentored by the United Statewide Coalitions On Employment units.

NOTE: If you purchased a ACB ticket to our first ever iPhone event we put on with Marcy and Brie, you will get in for free.

We’ll pick the winner at the end of each show.

Good luck to you..

The general admission ticket Price is $9.97.

VIP and VIP plus tickets

Start at 19.97

in limited quantities.

“Let’s change the world together!”
Fedora Outlier LLC
VaShaun Jones

Sweetwater Is Now A Vendor In Georgia

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It’s a great feeling when you work with a company that demands excellence from themselves and their clients.

Fedora has several A?V guys and girls WORKING on their creations and Sweetwater is number one in most of their books.

They allow you to make easy payments, they don’t treat you like a number, they don’t jack up the price, they don’t stop working with you when you mess up, they will go above and beyond the call of duty to serve you well, they will change your perspective on what excellent customer service looks like.

Experience the Sweetwater difference…

I personally WORK with Tomir Denton because he makes my vision come true and we understand each other.

Podcast coming soon…

Here’s his email

Remember: Think differently!

Share this if you understand the vision or you want to help write the blueprint.

“Let’s change the world together!”
Fedora Outlier LLC
VaShaun Jones

PS. Sweetwater also knows how to WORK with the blind, because we WORKED together on it for years.

Only open this message if you want to be employed or imediately & drastically improve your quality of life!

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The time is now to win as a culture. We can literally change the world of rehabilitation as we know it today. Rehabilitation for all disabilities.

NOT JUST blind, but all.

Join Georgia as we become a state that gets it. We are going to work together as a team and win.

The new #1 Question this year for the email has been changed to…

(Sorry we meant “will be changed to”…)

“Will there be a replay?

The previous question was “Can my rehab counselor pay for me to take courses from Fedora Outlier LLC? or do I have to pay for them myself?”

OF COURSE! just ask them.

We can service anywhere we want, we can bonus greatness and fire poor performers.

We’ll explain that one at the meeting.

Yes, there will be a replay. It’s going to replay so much that you will believe it…

We will always have a replay!

That’s the new question and answer over on

Believe, achieve, succeed

That’s what was taught in my high school.

The virtual town hall meeting of the United Statewide Coalitions ON Employment will be…

Monday, May 27th at 7PM Eastern.

Here’s the number with access code. Save it to your records.

(712) 432-0190,,732659#

easier to follow @fedora_outlier on Twitter, just saying.

“Let’s change the world together!”
Fedora Outlier LLC
VaShaun Jones