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Changing The Default Sounds On iOS

Posted in iOS

Do you like to have a different sound for various things on your iOS devices? Do you like a different sound when new mail comes in and when you send email? You might want to have a different sound when a calendar alert comes in than when a reminder does. Personally, I love having different sounds for all of the different things that can happen on my devices, especially different ring tones for each of the people in my life that call me the most.

Enabling And Using Speak Selection On iOS

Posted in iOS

In this weeks edition of our Low Vision blog post Chris is going to outline the steps for enabling another great accessibility feature of an i device. This weeks post is about Speak Selection and I for one can’t wait to hear what he has to say about this. So, without further ado lets all learn about Speak Selection and more importantly, lets learn how to enable it and then use it.

Introducing Fedora Outlier’s Low-Vision Blog For iOS Users

Posted in iOS

For the low-vision iOS users out there we are proud to announce the creation of our newest blog at Fedora Outlier. Every Monday our low-vision teaching specialist Chris Ingram will be sharing an iOS tip about how to get something done on iOS using the built in screen magnifier Zoom. In this first post Chris tells us all how to make seeing the text on your iPad or iPhone screen easier to read, so stay tuned to this blog for more useful and interesting tips on how to get the most out of your iOS device.

I Heart Radio For iPhone, Old Hat App Review

Posted in iOS

I do not know many who do not love music these days. We all have our favorites genres and our favorite artists that we listen to. What would you say about an app that allows you to listen to thousands of radio stations for free? You could also create your own stations and would not have to put up with any commercials? Well get comfortable and I will tell you all about this music app that does this and much more.

Siri In iOS 7: Your Wish Is My Command

Posted in Apple Inc, and iOS

I asked Siri a question one day since updating to iOS7. When given the answer, I responded by saying, “Thank you.” Siri answered me back by telling me, “Your wish is my command.” While Siri may not be able to anything we wish, for if that were the case I’d be in Disney World, there is no doubt that Siri can do lots more for us than ever before.

Working With Voice Mail In iOS 7

Posted in Apple Inc, and iOS

Voice mail is a wonderful feature that is standard on every iPhone. Though some of the features you have come to expect and use are still present in iOS7, there have been some changes. The interface is different, but once you read through how to listen to your voice mails, as well as the other things you can do with them, you will find it all very easy.

Changes In General Settings In iOS 7

Posted in Apple Inc, and iOS

The General settings category under settings can almost be an app all its own. After all, there are quite a bit of controls within it, along with information such as capacity, available space, and usage of our iPhones. And it is home to the most important setting area of all to those of us in the blindness community, Accessibility. It is one of the first places we visit when even a smaller update is released, let alone a major one like iOS7. Naturally, there are some changes within the General settings, with the most changes, as it turns out, being under Accessibility.

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