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What’s New In Accessibility In iOS 6

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Submitted by Scott Davert on 19 September 2012

As with the previous release of a major iOS upgrade (from version 4 to
5), there are many enhancements to iOS 6 not directly related to
accessibility. In this release, they include FaceTime over cellular
networks, a redesigned App Store, a revamped settings menu, direct
Facebook integration, a do not disturb feature—among many others.
Please see the link at the end of this article for a list from Apple
about changes not directly related to accessibility. To list and
discuss all new features which do not pertain to accessibility is
beyond the scope of this article. Rather, this is to specifically
focus on changes with respect to the different options available from
an accessibility standpoint.

Wishes For A Better Apple App Store

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Thoughts from Jan Blüher and   Maria Chapman with additions from VaShaun Jones

As much as I love the Apple App Store both on the Mac and iOS I still have some fears with purchasing new apps. These concerns are some that you share and some you may not. We can browse for content and apps easily, create alerts for developers and their apps, artist with the latest jams and more, but what we can’t do is find out before hand if an app is accessible to us or not.

Delivering Access Podcast: DropVox And The App Switcher

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In this episode of The Delivering Access Podcast Scott talks about a very cool iOs app for making voice recordings. This app is called DropVox and it works seamlessly with your DropBox account.

With DropVox you can very easily use your iPhone or other iOs device to make a voice recording that will immediately be uploaded to a DropVox folder that is inside of your DropBox account.

Take It To The Head

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Do you remember your good old college days? I especially remember our college drinking parties when my friends would say “take it to the head” if they wanted to get a good laugh. Yup those were the days. I will not share the full stories in this blog post, but I will show you in three easy steps how to take text you started typing on your iPhone and finish it by dictating the rest by taking your iPhone to the head.

Don’t Be Afraid, It’s Just A Device

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What is your biggest fear? Well, for me its getting lost, roller coasters that go upside down and spiders. However, the thing that I am most afraid of, which I know some of you will find quite silly, has to be technology. Yes, you read that correctly, I’m a big baby when it comes to upgrading new software, changing over to a new computer operating system like Apple’s Mac computer or learning how to use one of Apple’s IOS devices such as the iPhone 4S or the iPod Touch.

Look Ma, No Typing!

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When you think of texting, filling in other text fields, or composing emails on your iPhone, does anything come to mind?

There I was back in October with my brand new, first day it came out, 64 GB white iPhone 4S. All those terrific features they talked about, and I was holding them in my hand! I began to explore, and it didn’t take me long to figure out my absolute favorite one.

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