Fedora Outlier LLC Presents: Launchers, the event

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February 19th at 5 PM EST marked a day in history for the culture of those living with blindness.

The Launchers event was born and it displayed to the world that blind people, disabled people can start their own business and be empowered.

Free Bonus: 7 Easy Steps To Starting Your Business

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I talk with business want a bees every week that are stuck in one place.

Want to know what place they are stuck in?


They call it starting a business for a reason…

It’s so you can go into business.

The opportunity in failure

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Pic of myself and John speaking with a group in Pennsylvania

Pic of myself and John speaking to a group of TVI's

Four years later in Harrisburg PA. myself and John speak to a group of educators and blind service providers.

See above pics

Rewind to our humble beginnings and what you’ll discover is that our first presentation all those years ago as a firm was horrible, but the opportunity we got from that epic failure was priceless…

Blink Season 2 Episode 1: Dr. Leo, Our Biggest Fan

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Leo Bissonnette, Ph.D.

Fedora Outlier may not have an assistive technology cheerleading squad but if we did, then Dr. Leo Bissonnette would without a doubt be the captain of it. He has and continues to support what Fedora Outlier does in regards to providing top notch consulting, teaching and support for all of Appleā€™s products to the blind, visually impaired and deaf-blind communities.

Wild Card 3 (Employment Part 2)

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This one is a goody…

We have Mrs. Marcia Lane Robinson on the line with us to break down employment, the barriers and how to overcome them with effective speaking.

Personally I think that speaking well helps you to communicate effectively and have a greater impact with your message.

{REPLAY} The worlds largest virtual Thank You card to Apple inside

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Here’s the worlds largest virtual Thank You card given to Apple Inc from the blind community…

Blink S1 E7 The Sponsor

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The Fedora Outlier team appreciates our premier sponsor for our first reality show.

6Dat helps the blind and deaf-blind to label everything in their life easily with the 6Dot Braille Label Maker.

Blink S1 E4 (Who was your Mentor?)

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We’ve all had people in our lives who have had a profound effect on us.
In this episode, the realists will give us some insight in to who had the biggest effect on their lives.
Who was your mentor?
What advice were you given and how is it relevant in your life today?
Ponder that for a few minutes, then listen to what Blink stars had to say.

Blink S1 E3 A New World

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You wake up in a new world that’s identical to earth…

What would you do in the next 7 days?

This question takes the realist through a journey of being imaginative and creative all while displaying their perfect picture of their new world.

Blink S1E2 (The Passion)

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What’s your passion in life? This is the second question in my interview.

I ask this question because I want to know what drives them everyday.

I love technology and it shows in just about anything that I do.