Outliers with Sheronda White

A Jacquelyn of all trades, a motivational speaker to the world and simply one of the best people you can ever know.

I met Sheronda first in Detroit Michigan about 12 or so years ago then again in Baltimore Maryland several years later and what was she doing?

Preaching, motivating and singing.

In fact she is a two time winner of the National Federation of the Blind (NFB) talent show for her singing abilities and it doesn’t stop there…

Sheronda has spoken at my inauguration event for the Cobb County Empowerment Chapter of the NFB we founded in 2007.

Just a couple of weeks ago we had her to speak at our church service to preach, motivate and of course to sing.

Jump in knee first to this interview and see why Ms. White is as amazing as I have always known her to be.

Outlier’s with Roberta Joanjensen

Ever had the desire to preserve history? What about the sensation to change the world?

Well Roberta wants to do both…

She is on a mission that she needs your help with and in turn it’s going to change the world.

Her mission?

Wait and listen.

How it’s going to change the world?

Same thing… take a listen and you’ll see how to help make this place a better world for everyone on it..

Outlier’s with Chenelle Patrice Hancock

Can you say she is the best in the world in five different languages? For most of us that would be a resounding “NO”, but for this weeks guess it’s a drop in the bucket.

Chenelle Hancock speaks multiple languages and believes that anyone can do what they put their minds to.

It’s one of those things that takes mastery and Chenelle kicks the mastery meter up about five notches.

I think she is the best person in the world to ever rock the podcast in a long time and that’s because she is super driven, amazingly talented and wants to change the world through her work.

Sit back and listen, then learn and last #raise the bar…

Outlier’s with Garth Humphries

Garth is one amazing dude…

I just love his accent and the name of his website.

You can check out his smooth Australian voice in this episode and some of his work over at audio.pizza.

He’s one blind guy that I just had to get on the show just so you guys can see what’s possible in the world of business ownership and being employed full time. You would think Garth doesn’t have time for anything but work, however you’ll quickly see the fun he has changing the world.

Check him out and remember to be amazing in what you do, whenever you do it.

Outlier’s with Ever Hairston (Part 1)

With a fine name like Ever and a charm that matches you would be hard pressed to fine someone greater and more rounded than our guest Ms. Ever Hairston.

We have never had a podcast participant on with this much experience in changing the world than this wonder woman…

From marching with Martin Luther KingJr., running one of the National Federation of the Blinds’ largest affiliates and everything in between. This lady is one of a kind, simply the best and was an honor to interview.

She was such an inspiration we have done something special for this podcast in Part 2 of her interview that you will be sure to want to take advantage of, so listen to both parts and we’ll see you on the inside.

Outliers Special with the interviewer being interviewed

I usually turn down allot of interviews because of time spent interviewing you fine people around the world and running a couple of companies, being a husband, father, brother, cousin etc, however this interview opportunity was one I just could not pass up.

When I found out that Chris Curran of the Podcast Engineering School had interviewed one of my blind mentors and a guy that I had heard all over the internet that I really looked up to in the podcasting industry who is also blind I knew I had to show the world that podcasting is here to stay and making money doing it well is not a figment of ones imagination.

This interview is one of my finest and it let’s me know I’m on the right track when I tell blind and other disabled individuals that you can make a living doing what you love…

How do I know this?

because I do it every day.

My issue is that i love a bunch of things.

Here’s items from my short list.

• Blogging

• Technology

• Coaching

• Playing the sax

• Eating

and of course, podcasting.

I hope my interview with Chris inspires you to podcast or at least live your dream if you are not all ready. You know how to reach us excellence@fedoraoutlier.com and we hope you are doing marvelously well in the mean time.

Outlier’s Excerpt – Dan Miller On Government

As a guy who has generated millions in profit, wrote several books, created numerous products and has put on world class events and created a global network…

I thought it to be super important to bring forth the same question I asked John Lee Dumas in a earlier interview.

That question was how he felt about government assistance when it comes to being employed or self employed.

Here’s his comments…

If you missed the full interview you can catch up on it here.

Outlier’s Excerpt – JLD On Government

Maybe you heard him clearly the first time

Maybe you didn’t.

We cut this very important piece out of the interview and reposted it here.

My goal was to let the world know that you can create something, people will buy it and your life can be changed forever!

I asked JLD his thoughts on modern business and what he thought about the disabled working with the government when they don’t understand that the world has changed.

You can be a blogger, podcaster, self published author, Youtube star or just someone who is self employed.

The point is that the world has changed from the days our parents grew up in and here’s what JLD had to say…

If you missed the full interview you can get it here.

Outlier’s with Ron Klein (Part 2)

Ever purchased a house or know of someone that has?

If so they are more than likely using the MLS system for realtors invented by our guest who’s on for the second week in a row.

Mr. Ron Klein is an inventors inventor and he’s literally changed the world with his creations.

You would have thought he would have stopped with the invention of the credit card strip, the point of sale system, the MLS system just to name a few, but…

He didn’t stop there.

In fact he is in his 80’s and he says he is not empty yet.

To prove it he has invented something for the blind that is just as world changing and only cost $20 that everyone with a SMART phone can use.

It’s The Envision Eli app and labeling system created for the blind.

Listen to part 2 of Ron Klein’s interview and visit the Envision Eli website to learn more and to place your order.

Missed part 1? Listen first here.