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In Person event, Outlier’s live with Tamer Zaid

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Outlier’s goes live at the 2017 NFB and ACB national conventions.

Meet VaShaun Jones, Tamer Zaid and other world changers as we walk you step by step through our journey of how to find or create work that is meaningful, purposeful and profitable.

VaShaun is the Visionary of Fedora Outlier LLC and Tamer Zaid is a completely blind Product Zone Specialist for Apple Inc.

This live event will give you two perspectives on employment, life, fears, tears of joy, the struggles, mistakes to being able to give back to the people that need it most.

Our students that deserve more than what we had as a student!

100% of the ticket sales from this event goes to the EMPOWER scholarship for any full time student wanting to start their own business

(ages 14 and up)

Here’s the full list of qualifiers…

  1. You must be a full time student

  2. You must purchase a ticket to the event

  3. You must have a strong desire to create, launch and profit from your own business

and you must apprentice with Fedora Outlier LLC and it’s team.

and agree to be mentored by the United Statewide Coalitions On Employment units.

NOTE: If you purchased a ACB ticket to our first ever iPhone event we put on with Marcy and Brie, you will get in for free.

We’ll pick the winner at the end of each show.

Good luck to you..

The general admission ticket Price is $9.97.

VIP and VIP plus tickets

Start at 19.97

in limited quantities.

“Let’s change the world together!”
Fedora Outlier LLC
VaShaun Jones

Status 26: Case Closed

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If you want to work and you need help from a team of people that was just like you.. at one point in life.

You have come to the right place.

Fedora Outlier LLC works with all individuals. We don’t work with disabled.

We work with everyone willing to work.

You may be reading this blog and have a disability, but

your disability is not the issue…

80% of your issue is fighting the system!

A system is suppose to work smoothly and if their is a hick up or two it should be easily worked out, corrected and the process gets better over time.

That is NOT the case with vocational rehab.

It feels like a fight every time we walk through the doors of VR all over the world.

We talked to individuals that are scared, frustrated, ready to give up on life, ready to throw their dream away…

I can’t stand and let that happen.

You can’t stand and let that happen.

We can’t stand and let that happen.

We can stand together and create a system that works for everyone.

That’s just great business… right?

Our goal is to help 1000 people in 2017 from all around the world close their case successfully!

This is our intro to how we are going to make it happen!

Click to play

{EVENT INVATATION} Fedora Outlier presents: The iOS Master Series Virtual Tour

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OK, it’s 2:00PM EDT here in Georgia and as promised we are going to unveil our latest series built on our all new Fedora Outlier LLC platform and you’re invited!

The iOS Master Series now housed at is on sale now for the next 27 days.  

The price increases on February 1st 2016.

We will be giving all event attendees a free virtual tour and answering any questions you may have about the series and how it works.

The virtual tour kicks off this Friday at 7PM EDT.

You can call in or listen live using one of the methods below…

The dial in number is 712.432.0190 and the access Code is 732659.

If you are calling in from a SMART device you can click on the number below and gain immediate access…


The live stream link is

Either way you’ll discover how the power of iOS can help you in every walk of life imaginable and how our coaching and teaching will catapult your knowledge and understanding to the next level!

Join us Friday January 8th at 7PM EDT and let’s change the world together!!

Your iOS Master Series Coaches,
Damashe & Matt

Fedora Outlier LLC Blazes a Trail in Assistive Technology Teaching for the Blind and Deaf-Blind with its iOS Master Series

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March 8, 2015


Fedora Outlier LLC, a nationally recognized firm of all blind and low-vision team members, announces the iOS Master Series with Access Touch.

Fedora raises the bar for both the blind and deaf-blind with its signature Access Touch feature for the iOS Master Series. Produced for Fedora Outlier by iHabilitation Canada, Access Touch is an optional tactile enhancement to the
series that allows users to literally “get a feel” for their iPhone and iPad screens.
This gives users a better understanding of their devices and promotes faster learning than traditional methods of assistive technology teaching.

Hot on the heels of the Mac Master Series, Fedora is proud to release the iOS Master Series with Access Touch. “Never before has there been a 24-hour, all access, low cost way to learn how to use the full array of Apple devices until
now,” says VaShaun Jones, Managing Partner of Fedora Outlier LLC.

Scheduled for release at 7 pm on March 15th (VaShaun’s birthday!), this is the same best-in-class assistive technology teaching that subscribers to the Mac Master Series have come to love, now expanded and packaged for iOS users.

Damashe Thomas and Brie Rumery, the coaches inside the iOS Master Series, will coach each member from the basics on up to mastery.

Each member will have access to:

  • Weekly modules to walk through performing a task on the device
  • Monthly live classes designed to help members move quickly to their goal
    of mastery
  • Community help and support from the community forum
  • The Ask A Coach feature to get help when it’s needed within 24 hours of submission
  • Weekly quick tips and tricks to aid in exposure of a new feature or app
  • The optional Access Touch component where feeling what your screen is visually displaying

Fedora Outlier LLC, founded in 2011, is a leading assistive technology consulting, teaching and support firm specializing in Apple devices.

The firm currently serves clients remotely and in-person in nine countries and over 35 states in the US. Employing 18 blind individuals equipped to encourage, empower and grow the blind community with better than excellent assistive technology consulting, teaching and support.

Fedora Outlier LLC has published 3 books in their Old Hat Guide Series, taught over 200 clients to date and serves as the archetype for online teaching with its Mac Master Series, its soon-to-be-released iOS Master Series, and its upcoming
Performance Series.

Registration for the iOS Master Series Virtual Launch Party is now open.



ce SE
Atlanta, GA 30312
Phone: 888.958.6979
Fax: 888.467.2162

iHabilitation Canada

Tom Dekker, Proprietor

Partner With Fedora And Get Paid, Announcing Our Commission-Based Partner Program

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ATLANTA, Georgia (June 23) — In an effort to reach more consumers across the country, Fedora Outlier, LLC, a nationally-recognized assistive technology consulting, teaching and support firm, is launching a partner initiative to compensate agencies and individuals who refer new clients to any of the firm’s services for Mac, Windows or IOS.

The Partner Program is a commission-based approach to affiliate referrals, and will award each partner a 15% commission on any products or services sold in part to their referral.

“We do our best to reach out to any and all new and prospective consumers,” said the firm’s managing partner and founder, VaShaun Jones. “But referrals help us to share insight with an even larger portion of the community. That’s huge to us.”

Any agency, service provider or individual interested in becoming a registered member of the Partner Program can visit to complete a web-based registration form. Once approved, participants can begin referring friends, family, clients and consumers to any of Fedora Outlier’s consulting, teaching and support products.

“We’ve designed the program to be as straightforward as possible,” said senior partner, Scott Rumery. “These partners are already referring people they know to providers like Fedora, and we think that they should get a little something for their time and consideration.”

All registered partners must go through an approval process and complete a W-9 form before receiving any commission payments.

For questions about the Partner Program or products and services offered by Fedora Outlier, LLC, contact VaShaun Jones at, or by phone at (888) 958-6979.


For Immediate Release: VaShaun Jones Managing Partner Of Fedora Outlier, LLC To Be Special Guest On Tonights Access Chat

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Fedora Outlier, LLC

AccessChat – A Twitter Chat Committed To Access


Please join Brie Rumery, Junior Partner of Fedora Outlier, LLC, on Tuesday, May 13, 2014 at 8:00 PM eastern with her special guestVaShaun Jones, Managing Partner of Fedora Outlier, LLC. VaShaun will be participating in Fedora’s #AccessChat – A Twitter Chat Committed to Access. This unique interview via Twitter allows the blindness community the opportunity to interact each week with a particular person, organization or business that is making or continues to make an impact or change the lives of the blind, low vision and deaf-blind communities.

For Immediate Release: Rick Boggs Of Audio Eyes, LLC To Be Guest On Access Chat On Tuesday May 06, 2014

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For Immediate Release: Audio Eyes, LLC – Turning Pictures Into Words
Atlanta, Georgia
April 28, 2014

On Tuesday, May 6, 2014 at 8:00 PM Eastern, Mr. Rick Boggs, founder of Audio Eyes, LLC will participate in Fedora Outlier’s popular weekly series #AccessChat – A Twitter Chat Committed To Access.