Fedora Outlier Announces The Mac Master Series

For Immediate Release: Mac Master Series
April 7, 2014
Atlanta, Georgia

Extra, extra…Read all about it. Fedora Outlier, LLC is proud to present the Mac Master Series. What is that, you say?

The Mac Master Series is a compilation of information provided by live, online Technology Coach led teaching, email support, and tips to help everyone, from the advanced user who can glide through independently to the person who needs a gentle hand to guide them through the process.

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Announcement: Fedora Outlier Launches Book Campaign For The Month Of April

Fedora Outlier, LLC

Starting April 1st, 2014 Fedora Outlier, LLC will be kicking off the Old Hat Guide to iPhone Accessibility, iOS7 Edition book campaign. During the month of April, you, the blind consumer, will have the opportunity to read excerpts from the book and you will also be able to view the accompanying videos for each section. This will help you to learn a few tips and tricks along the way!

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For Immediate Release: Season Two Of The Delivering Access Podcast Is Here!

For Immediate Release: Season Two – Delivering Access Podcast: Are You Ready To Empower?
Monday March 17, 2014
Atlanta, Georgia

“Empowering the blind To Be excellent, do more and live with greater success,” is the opening statement of the Fedora Outlier, LLC Delivering Access podcast hosted by the firm’s managing partner VaShaun Jones. The show’s first season was a successful one and that is why the entire team is proud to announce the arrival of Season Two of the weekly Delivering Access Podcast: Highlighting Heroes Changing Lives Every day.

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iLife Online: Changes In iOS 7

For Immediate Release: Changes In iOS 7: Join Us For A Special iLife Online Event!
Atlanta, Georgia
September 28, 2013

On Wednesday, October 2nd at 7:00 PM Eastern, Fedora Outlier, LLC will host its first free web event entitled, “iLife Online: Changes In iOS7.

Why is Fedora Outlier, LLC venturing into the world of webinars?

Fedora Outlier’s team, led by VaShaun Jones, are dedicated to providing the blind, low vision and deaf-blind communities with the knowledge and skills needed in regards to mastering the use of Apple’s iOS devices.

The dedication of this innovative assistive technology firm was “seen” first-hand with the release of the first multi-media E-Book the Old Hat Guide to iPhone Accessibility. Written by Junior Partner Brie Rumery and her colleagues, the book depicts Ms. Rumery’s journey of being scared to death to even touch an iPhone to her determination and perseverance to overcome her fear and learn how to use the iPhone with proficiency and confidence.

The release of Apple’s iOS7 software and new 5C and 5S iPhones meant that Fedora’s book would need to be revised. “We didn’t just want to update the book; we wanted to go a step further.” Said a passionate Fedora team member.

The iLife One Day Event: Changes to iOS7 will be an hour long seminar for Voice Over users that are interested in learning a little bit about some of the new features and changes in iOS7. Listeners will also hear a short account of Brie Rumery’s story told in her own words. It’s an opportunity to learn why it is so important for Fedora Outlier, LLC to provide the best tools and resources to the blind, by the blind!

The cost of the iLife event is completely free but space is limited so RSVP as soon as possible to reserve a spot Wednesday night. Participants will be able to submit iOS7 questions through various formats such as Email, Twitter and Facebook and registered participants will also be able to take advantage of a special promotion after the presentation is finished.. So mark your calendar for a spectacular event brought to you from Fedora Outlier, LLC.

Bill McCann From Dancing Dots To Be Guest On AccessChat

For Immediate Release: his spirit dances, and he makes others feel good. Dancing DotsFounder – Bill McCann
September 2, 2013 – Atlanta, Georgia

On Tuesday, September 3, 2013, the innovative founder of Dancing Dots, Bill McCann will be the guest of Fedora Outlier’s very popular weekly #AccessChat. This weekly Twitter production takes place at 8:00 PM EST.

Bill McCann is the founder and president of Dancing Dots Braille Music Technology, the company that has been helping blind and low vision musicians make music since 1992. His company created the world’s first commercial braille music translation software, GOODFEEL® and has pioneered in the area of creating what he calls “accessible scores”. Dancing Dots markets CakeTalking for SONAR, an access solution for creating professional-sounding, multi-track audio productions. Their Lime Lighter enables low vision performers to read and to write music in an accessible environment.

Despite his successful start in a corporate, computer programming job back in 1982,
McCann’s heart had always been with music. Playing the trumpet professionally–sometimes with his own small band, sometimes as a duet with his wife, Mary Ann, on the harp, he was increasingly obsessed with the notion of a computer program for braille music translation, a program that would allow musicians who are blind to create their own compositions or arrangements and actually produce hard-copy music scores that both blind and sighted musicians could read.

In 1991, McCann left his very comfortable job as a programmer with Sunoco, so that he could set his dream in motion. The next couple of years McCann held many part-time jobs and pursued every resource available to make Dancing Dots a reality.

At a family gathering, McCann would meet Albert Milani, an electrical engineer and programmer, who McCann soon realize was the missing link that he needed. The collaboration became a sweet melody and the rest is history.

After over 20 years of hard work, Dancing Dots now has customers throughout the United States, Canada, and 50 other countries.
As the company’s president, McCann has been interviewed by the BBC and the Associated Press, been on television in Italy, and made the front page of a newspaper in Venice. He has enjoyed building friendships with celebrity musicians who are blind and who use his product and has delighted in interacting with blind children at a number of camps and schools.

Bill McCann had a dream and the vision to make it come true. What’s your dream and do you have the perseverance to make it a reality?

For more information about how to participate in #AccessChat or how to become a guest visit http://www.fedoraoutlier.com/accesschat or you may contact Fedora Outlier’s Public Relations Production Manager/Twitter Moderator Brie Rumery at brie@fedoraoutlier.com or you can reach her in person at 404/692-3743.

RELEASE: Master iOS with New, Web Version of The Old Hat Guide to iPhone Accessibility

ATLANTA, Georgia (June 3) — Nearly two months after the release of the firm’s first book release to Apple’s iBooks Store, Fedora Outlier, LLC, a nationally-recognized provider of consulting, teaching and support for Apple’s accessible technologies, is set to launch a web-based version of “The Old Hat Guide to iPhone Accessibility” on June 4 at 8:00 A.M.. Access to the web-based version, found at http://www.fedoraoutlier.com/iphone, is available for $9.99, and those who have previously purchased the iBooks or PDF versions of the book may request complimentary access.

Readers will find the same content present in the downloadable versions of the book, including multimedia features such as audio and video demonstrations, but the content is not restricted to an Apple device, such as limitations found in formats released in April.

“We wanted people to have access from whatever platform they desired,” said Scott Rumery, a senior partner with the firm. “Whether they’re running Windows, a Nokia cell phone or the iPhone, the web version of our book will work flawlessly.”

The web-based version of the book is constructed much like a standard website, with headings, in-page links and other navigation elements, while still retaining features, like a table of contents, found in a book.

“We did our best to make the experience seamless for readers,” said Geof Collis, the firm’s webmaster and IT director. “We’ve cross-tested the content across browsers, too, which means an accessible experience no matter how you view the book.”

During registration for the web-based book site, readers can select a username and password to be used to access the book. Checkout is handled through PayPal, where readers can use an existing account or pay with any major credit card.

The release of the web-based “The Old Hat Guide to iPhone Accessibility” marks a more web-centric approach to premium content for the technology firm. Fedora’s president, VaShaun Jones, says “expect several web-based instructional experiences to come from our firm over the next few months.”

“Our goal is to deliver content that can reach and teach as many individuals as possible,” said Jones. “Hosting the content on our website gives us complete control of the experience, which allows us to tailor the accessibility of our content.”

For more information about the book, gaining access to the content or about Fedora Outlier, contact Justin Romack at (817) 727-8542, or via email at justin@fedoraoutlier.com.

RELEASE: Lights, Camera, Action for Blind Film Critic During June’s #AccessChat

ATLANTA, Georgia (May 31) — On June 4 at 8:00 PM Eastern, #AccessChat will host film critic and broadcast professional, Tommy Edison, also known as the “Blind Film Critic”. Topics on the agenda for discussion include Edison’s process for reviewing movies, why he began publishing reviews to YouTube and thoughts on the state of the movie industry in general.

According to Edison’s website, “[he] has been blind since birth and now producing videos online that reveal a glimpse into his life and the funny challenges that he faces daily. Tommy has showed us what it’s like for someone who is blind to use an ATM for the first time, and how some people who are visually impaired may organize their money.”

Edison’s perspective and sense of humor have helped him to attract a mainstream audience, and he has been featured nationally through such programs as CNN, Headline News, Comedy Central’s “Tosh .0” and “The Howard Stern Show.” Recently, Edison was profiled by numerous tech news outlets highlighting his avid use of Instagram, a popular application used to share photographs online.

“Tommy has such a great spirit and a unique perspective,” says VaShaun Jones, president of Fedora Outlier, LLC, the nationally-recognized assistive technology firm sponsoring the monthly Twitter chat. “We’re eager to share his story and personality with our community.”

In addition to the conversation with Edison, there will be a giveaway for three copies of Text Detective, an OCR application for iOS designed to easily scan and read printed materials for blind and visually impaired VoiceOver users. All attendees will be automatically entered for a chance to win a copy during the giveaway, which is being offered by the app’s developer, Blindsight.

Participants are encouraged to arrive 15 minutes before the chat begins, as there will be casual conversation and announcements before the interview with Edison begins. To learn more about the Blind Film Critic, visit his website at www.blindfilmcritic.com, and see a few of his film reviews and blindness-related videos at www.youtube.com/user/TommyEdisonXP.

For more information about the chat or Fedora Outlier, LLC, contact Justin Romack at (817) 727-8542, or send email to justin@fedoraoutlier.com. You can also find details about #AccessChat by visiting www.fedoraoutlier.com/accesschat.