Fedora Outlier LLC Presents: Launchers, the event

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February 19th at 5 PM EST marked a day in history for the culture of those living with blindness.

The Launchers event was born and it displayed to the world that blind people, disabled people can start their own business and be empowered.

Status 26: Case Closed

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If you want to work and you need help from a team of people that was just like you.. at one point in life.

You have come to the right place.

Fedora Outlier LLC works with all individuals. We don’t work with disabled.

We work with everyone willing to work.

We are here to dominate!

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I thought it was your case?

My wife asks me if it’s her money then why am I spending it. LOL

If it’s your VR case then why are they telling you what you want?

Why when you ask for something and even justify why you want it in your mind…

She passes the ACSP test with a B

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Opportunities come to those who create them. Maryann saw her opportunity in the (ACSP) Apple Certified Support Professional course that is offered through Fedora’s Teach Institute.

She was scared initially…

She didn’t know where the road to passing the test would leave, but…

Dreams Worth More Than Money – Your Success Story

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You have a dream! You can see it clear as 20/20 vision in your head…

You have no money to see your dream through to the light.

What do you do?

I get this question on our platform allot. Here’s some answers…

Outlier’s (THE PODCAST) Coming January 2017

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So after 4 incredible seasons interviewing the worlds most amazing people living with a disability, we bring to you…
the Delivering Access network
and Outlier’s, the podcast.

You heard it right…

We created a media network for the rest of us.

More than one way to skin a virtual cat… Denise gets help

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Denise wrote in on this post

wanting help with creating a new product for those in wheel chairs that are blind.

Michael writes in and says…

I’ve told you what it is, how it works… Now here’s how to get it!

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Denise writes in and says…

Dear Vashan,

{TGIW} Are you confusing skills, passion and purpose?

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Thank GOD it’s Wednesday! Right?

Hey how are those new skills working out for you? Are they moving you towards your goals?

Do you have goals? What about your passion?

Same questions…


Most people have skills, others have passion and skills but most people don’t know how they take all three things and bring them to life.

The opportunity in failure

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Pic of myself and John speaking with a group in Pennsylvania

Pic of myself and John speaking to a group of TVI's

Four years later in Harrisburg PA. myself and John speak to a group of educators and blind service providers.

See above pics

Rewind to our humble beginnings and what you’ll discover is that our first presentation all those years ago as a firm was horrible, but the opportunity we got from that epic failure was priceless…