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Changing The Default Sounds On iOS

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Do you like to have a different sound for various things on your iOS devices? Do you like a different sound when new mail comes in and when you send email? You might want to have a different sound when a calendar alert comes in than when a reminder does. Personally, I love having different sounds for all of the different things that can happen on my devices, especially different ring tones for each of the people in my life that call me the most.

With the introduction of iOS7 came a whole new set of alert tones, which was quite a welcome change since they seemed to have the same ones for such a long time. Within settings/sounds, there are quite a few items whose tones can be set by you. These include:

  • ring tone
  • text tone
  • new voice mail
  • new mail
  • sent mail
  • tweet
  • Facebook post
  • calendar alert
  • reminder alert
  • airdrop

Each of these sounds have a default but can be changed. The way to do this is the same for each item, so I will use calendar alerts as the example here.

to change the calendar alert sound, do the following:

  1. Go into settings/sounds.
  2. Right flick to calendar alerts and double tap.
  3. Right flick past the alert tones heading. This is where you will find the first list of tones, and these are the new tones in iOS7.
  4. Double tap any one of them to hear what they sound like, but bear in mind that when you do this you are also selecting that tone.
  5. Right flick to the end of that list, which you will know because you will come to the word classic. If you double tap this you’ll be presented with the list of the old familiar tones you have been used to up until now.
  6. Double tap the back button at the top left of the screen if you do not want to select any of these sounds for your calendar alert.
  7. Continue to right flick past the ring tones, and you will come to a second list of new tones. You can select one and it will play, or once again you can right flick to the end of the list where you will find the word classic. Double tap this, and you’ll find more of the old familiar tones.
  8. Either double tap one of these tones, or the back button at the top left of the screen to go back to the previous screen with the new tones.

this is the procedure you will use to change any and all of the items under sounds in settings.

Don’t the new sounds, well , sound great? I think they are awesome, and I know you will too. So go ahead, be wild and crazy, set the alert tones, then assign one of the sounds to your favorite contacts. Whether you can use all of them or not, you’ll have fun listening to all of the newest ones, and maybe even some of the old standbys as well.

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