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Control Center, New In iOS 7

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Have you ever gone into settings to turn wifi or blue tooth on or off? How about locking or unlocking orientation, or adjusting the screen brightness? Well, in iOS7, Apple has made these and some other tasks easier by creating a place we can get to from the home screen. They have named this area the control center. Quite appropriate, actually, since there are a number of things you can control within this area.

To get to the control center, you literally pull it up on the screen. Simply do the following:

  1. Place one finger at the top left corner of the screen, or anywhere at the top of the screen, in the status bar.
  2. With three fingers, swipe up from the bottom of the screen, making sure the tips of your fingers are touching the screen.

This will bring up, or pull up, the control center.

The first five controls are toggles. Double tap any to turn each off or on. They include the following:

  • airplane mode
  • wifi
  • blue tooth
  • do not disturb
  • lock orientation
  • brightness is next, and is adjustable with a one finger swipe up or down.

The next six controls have to do with music, or whatever you were playing last such as a podcast.

  • track position, lists position in minutes and seconds, of how many minutes and seconds total
    When music is playing or paused, the name of the track, or podcast, is listed here, between the track position and the previous track button. If there is nothing listed here, you need to choose something to listen to in order for these controls to work.
  • previous track button, plays the previous track when music is playing
  • play button, plays the current track, turns into a pause button when pressed
  • next track button, plays the next track when music is playing
  • volume, adjustable, swipe up or down with one finger to adjust
  • airplay button, double tap and select the speaker you want to route the music to with a double tap
    When you’ve chosen another device or speaker to play the music, the airplay button turns into the name of the speaker or device button instead of being labelled airplay. Double tap it to change back to your iOS device, or to another speaker.
  • flashlight button, double tap to toggle it on or off
  • clock button, opens the clock app
  • calculator button, opens the calculator app
  • camera button, opens the camera app, ready for you to take a picture

As you can see, the control center is a wonderful new addition to your iOS device. Now you have a shortcut to the controls you use the most.
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