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Controlling Your iPhone media With The Earbuds

Posted in iOS, and Mac

Ever been playing a podcast, listening to music, watching a video or lounging around listening to a good book? Sure you have, we all probably do at least one of these things once or twice a day to unwind or get some lectured school work in and maybe, just maybe you listen for leisure.
Most people don’t know that they can control most all functions of they’re listening pleasure via the iPhone earbuds that come with every new iPone. Read on to find out how.After you start your audio or video through what ever method you normally use you can stop it by pressing on the middle of the earbud microphone one time to disable playing and press it again to continue playback. Sounds easy enough, now you missed a part that you really need to hear and you want to go back to it.

To rewind, you would do a triple press and hold on the same button you used to start/stop playback. This takes some getting use to but trust me it works. I’ve been using this feature for years. Press, press again and press a third time but with this third press you want to continue pressing and you’ll hear the audio rewinding. The presses have to be rapid like tap, tap tap and hold. Yup, that fast but with some practice you’ll be a pro.

So what do you think you would do to fast forward? You would do a double press and hold on the microphone. Press and press again, but the second press is held and you will hear the media fast forwarding. Of course you stop holding and the media plays from that point. You apply the same speed but with one less tap of the earbud like this. Tap tap and hold with the second tap. Works like a charm!

You also control the volume by pressing the top of the mic button to turn the volume up and press on the bottom of the mic button to turn the volume down. In these cases you can either do incremental single presses to turn the volume up a few decimals at a time or you can hold the button down to rapidly increase or decrease the volume. These functions also work if you are using your iPhone earbuds with your Mac or your other iOS devices.

Some other uses for the earbuds besides media consumption are answering calls. You can answer a call with a simple press of the earbuds mic when your phone rings and of course you can press it again to hang up the phone or while on the phone you can answer another incoming call and switch back over the same way.

We hope this helps someone and we would love to hear your feedback in the comments on other tips you would like for us to share.

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