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Court Cases & AirPod Pros

Posted in Delivering Access

I know Air Pods are not allowed in court, but in this video we answer a friend of the firms question

about his steps in getting certified and which path is right for him.

He wrote in that he wants to become a certified diversion counselor in order to offer courses and certifications to those who are court mandated to undergo behavioral modification (ie: anger management, anti-shoplifting, etc).

He had 2 main questions:

1. How can I tell if the training I undergo is of good quality and a good fit for me?

2. How do I present my idea and the cost of the training to Vocational Rehabilitation?

I’m going to answer that

Plus, I’m going to give you

my out of the box, day one experience using the Air Pod Pros.

Then next week, we’ll do a deep dive into all their features & flaws.

Watch “Court Cases & Air Pod Pro’s” now!

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