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Delivering Access Podcast: DropVox And The App Switcher

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In this episode of The Delivering Access Podcast Scott talks about a very cool iOs app for making voice recordings. This app is called DropVox and it works seamlessly with your DropBox account.

With DropVox you can very easily use your iPhone or other iOs device to make a voice recording that will immediately be uploaded to a DropVox folder that is inside of your DropBox account.

This happens with no interaction from the user once you double tap on the stop recording button.

After you do this your file is uploaded, and you can then use this file on your computer or iOS device. The sound quality of the recordings is nothing short of amazing, and I think that this app is a must have for all users of iOS.

We will also explain what the App Switcher is and how to use it. For those of you that have been confused by the App Switcher once you listen to this podcast you will be able to work with the App Switcher without the confusion and anxiety that this can cause..

We will show you how to bring up the App Switcher, as well as show you how to remove items from it.

Believe it or not, making sure that your App Switcher is emptied once in a while can greatly improve how well your device operates.

So please join us and enjoy this episode of The Delivering Access Podcast, and if you have any comments or suggestions for a future episode leave them below.

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