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Enabling And Using Speak Selection On iOS

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In this weeks edition of our Low Vision blog post Chris is going to outline the steps for enabling another great accessibility feature of an i device. This weeks post is about Speak Selection and I for one can’t wait to hear what he has to say about this. So, without further ado lets all learn about Speak Selection and more importantly, lets learn how to enable it and then use it.

Speak Selection

Today we will look at a little known accessibility tool called Speak Selection. Speak Selection adds the ability for your iDevice to read text back to you. While voice over speaks everything you tap, Speak Selection can be used only when you choose to activate it. Speak Selection is handy when it comes to reading emails, iMessages, text message, web pages, and books.

Use the below steps to access Speak Selection:

  • Go to your Settings app.
  • Tap on General.
  • Now you will tap the Accessibility option.
  • You will now tap on Speak Selection.
  • Flipping the knob at the top of the page to the right will turn Speak Selection on.

On the Speak Selection option menu you have the ability to adjust the voice’s language, speaking rate, and can choose to have words highlighted as they’re being read.

Apple has done a great job in making Speak Selection very simple to use on your iDevice.

To use Speak Selection you will:

    Highlight the text that you would like to have read.
  • When the text is highlighted you will see the copy/paste menu pop up above the text. You will also see a newly added Speak option in the pop up.
  • You will now tap on the speak option that is now available above the highlighted text.
  • Your iDevice will now speak the text that you have selected.

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