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Everything Below This Line is Relevant: Your App Submissions Are In…

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The watch party is scheduled and everything below this line is relevant to my proven “4 step formula“ on how to get accessibility out of even the most inaccessible app,

webpage or platform.

In the next email, I’ll give you the watch party schedule and details…

but for now, here’s the one sided conversation with a developer who made their app fully accessible in less than 24 hours. When you read below the line, it may be a bit off-puttingbutI promise I’ll fill in the blanks at the party. Here’s the line. See you on the inside.——————————————

1. 10:53AM – Thank you for paying for Find Any File. 

If you are a person, this entitles you to use Find Any File on all your and your family’s computers.

If you are a company, you may use of Find Any File on a single computer at the same time (volume purchases are available).

To turn off the purchase reminder in FAF, first make sure you have the latest version from

(Link Redacted)

(You should then move the app to your Applications folder and start it from there once.)

Then click this link (if it’s not clickable, copy & paste it into Safari’s address bar, then hit the Return key):

(Link Redacted)

Alternatively, follow the instructions given on this web page:

(Link Redacted

If you have any questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to ask.


2. 12:25PM – Left of the Name popup are two buttons. The leftmost is a plus, for adding another rule, the other one a minus, for removing that rule – which may be disabled if it’s the only rule left.

Right of Name is another popup with choices such as “contains” and “ends in”.

Then follows the text field where you enter the search.

However, past that, there should be no more fields to the right.

I’ll turn on VoiceOver and see how I can add labels that help with that, and try to put that all into the next beta version.


3. 3:33PM – I made an effort to make the various control more accessible with Voice Over.

I not only added labels for the add and remove buttons but also labeled the popup buttons. The leftmost is now called “Subject chooser”, the next one “Verb chooser”, although it’s not always a verb, e.g. in the case of Yes and No options.

And while I was previously already showing help texts in a separate text field when a text input field had the focus, I noticed that this would not help you because Vooice Over would not read that text to you automatically. So I now added these help texts to both the verb popups and to the input field directly as well. That means that if you open the verb popup menu and read the first verb, which is called “contains”, then it’ll also read the help text, which tells you to enter one or more space separated fragments. I hope this helps and isn’t too much.

For now, the added labels will be in English only. Add this for multiple languages is always a huge pain. That’s why I do not support Asian languages so far, but only those that I can understand enough that I can use Google Translate to figure out if I got it fairly correct 🙂

Next, I found that the Results window causes some navigational trouble, meaning one cannot move to all controls using the Tab key. I had tried to fix that before but now see that it still is not working right. I’ll make another effort.


4. 5:12PM – Which macOS version are you using?


5. 5:12PM – I‘ll try to send you one tomorrow. I am in Germany, so it’s already nighttime here.

Are you familiar with opening unsigned apps, where you you to right-click them and then choose Open from the menu? It would be quicker for me to create those.


6. 8:09PM – I just uploaded version 2.3b2. Please have FAF check for updates, and it should download and install.

I also found out that the issue, where the toolbar control for showing or hiding Trashed items is skipped when pressing the Tab key only happens in macOS High Sierra but not in Big Sur. I have not had time to test on Catalina, but you may find that it works for you as well.

So, at this point, all controls should be accessible and have an audible label, in both the Find and the Results window.

Give it a try and let me know what I could improve.


7. 10:38PM – I’m glad my efforts are making a difference. If you find any other things that could be improved, let me know ASAP. I hope to release the new version in February.

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