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FAQ FB Fridays’ have taken on a mind of its own… We apologize

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Fedora appreciates everyone who contacts us for questions, teaching and advice. This includes you, of course!

Our last post talked about a new product and me answering questions today.

I actually meant next Friday August 6th.

There were lots of questions that came in and I want to ensure we get them all in and be able to make the announcement in GRAND fashion.

We are ramping up to once again do something that has never been done before in our community and I want the announcement to be super special…

We’ll be taking a road trip and giving you an experience both audibly and visually that will knock everything else you’ve seen or heard from us out of the box so to speak.

We ask three things of you super quick…

  1. You give us to the 6th of April to break the news

  2. When you watch our posting on that day we are going to stress that you wear headphones or earbuds to maximize the effect

  3. You except our apology for not giving you a full FAQ FB Friday today and know in your hearts that we will make it up to you next week for sure

Again , we want it to be special!

Here is the link to the original video that started it all. Three years later Apple has given us new tools to do this special presentation in an amazing way.

Watch the video here…

Then join us either LIVE or later on Friday April 6th 2018

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