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Fedora Outlier LLC Blazes a Trail in Communicating with the Blind Community Using Social Media

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April 4, 2013

In its first ever, revolutionary online Twitter Chat, Fedora Outlier LLC has reached out to the Blind Community in a very successful debut of what will become a monthly affair for the fast paced, talented and innovative Company.

As Justin Romack, Marketing and Branding Coordinator for Fedora Outlier LLC says to the Team after the April 2nd debut:

Brie: You were not only a dynamite interview, but your willingness to step outside of your comfort zone, as well as the speed at which you kept up with conversations, I was blown away! Our next guest definitely has their work cut out for them.

Marcy and Scott: You both helped to keep folks engaged–and that’s imperative. People were enjoying themselves so much that most stuck around until the end of the conversation–and didn’t just jet after we announced the iPad Mini winner. You played a huge role in making that possible!

Rick: Thanks so much for compiling the transcript–and keeping a watchful eye for any spammy activity. You, sir, were a huge help in getting our team (and some of our participants) comfortable with the idea of a Twitter chat. You’re on the front lines of something big here, man. Too cool!

About #Access Chat

#AccessChat is the first of its kind – a monthly blindness-oriented Twitter chat with the goal of connecting the blindness community with those committed to accessibility.

Whether it’s a blind professional using accessible mainstream technologies to stay competitive in the workplace, a developer keeping access at the forefront of their product or service, or a thought leader within the blindness community, you will find these discussions helpful, encouraging and empowering as we uncover answers to the most common questions you have about accessibility and those who value it.

More info can be found at

About Fedora Outlier LLC

The mission of Fedora Outlier LLC is to empower the blind and visually impaired through assistive technology, mentorship for personal growth and to become the leading authority of Apples’ Voice-Over enabled devices for consulting, teaching and support.

Fedora Outlier LLC is a nationally distributed firm headquartered in Atlanta Georgia. Our firm is the largest consulting, teaching and support firm for the blind, by the blind.
We provide assistive technology services to organizations like the Veterans Administration, Department of Labor, Centers for the Visually Impaired and most other businesses and organizations that service the technological advancement of the blind
Find out more at

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