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Fedora Outlier Wednesday Roundup For May 8, 2013

Posted in Apple Inc

In this weeks edition of the Fedora Outlier Wednesday Roundup we have a great assortment of stories for you all to enjoy. First up is an in depth review of the newly accessible Kindle app for iOS, and then you will read about 5 technologies that only ten years ago would have only been seen in a science fiction film. Then is a story about Eric Weihenmayer, a blind adventurer
who skis with the help from a sighted guide.

Our fourth story is one that will most likely upset most of us in the blindness community, but I think that is a very important article for all of us to read. It is about 2 blind people in Belfast being denied entrance to an airplane because they are blind. Finally we have another Old Hat Guide app review. This one is on the very popular PayPal app for iOS. So what do you say? Let’s get to it.

1. The NFB grades Kindle for iOS. Here is an early report card for the Amazon Kindle app for iOS. Even though Amazon has done a good job with finally making this app accessible to those of us in the blindness community, it would appear that there are some areas of the app that need improvement.

2. 5 Technologies that just 10 years ago would have blown you away. In this article read about 5 technologies that most of us currently use that just a decade ago would have probably only been present in our favorite science fiction films.

3. Blind adventurer skis with help from a friend.Here is a story about the well known blind adventurer Eric Weihenmayer in which he goes skiing with help from his long time friend and sighted guide.

4. Blind friends denied access to their flight. In this story you will learn about 2 blind friends who were not allowed to fly on their own due to the fact that they were blind. This story makes it very clear that we as blind people still have a long way to go throughout the world when it comes to being discriminated against due to our lack of eye-sight..

5. Old Hat Guide review of the PayPal app for iOS. Ever been at a convention and wanted to make a purchase, but the vendor didn’t take credit or debit cards? How about visiting a website and trying to make a purchase and it was so complicated you just gave up? We run into these things all the time, but fear no more. Let me introduce you to my little friend.

After reading these stories if you find yourself craving more, why not come on over to the Old Hat Guide website and pick up your copy of The Old Hat Guide To iPhone Accessibility? Whether you are a new iPhone user, or you are an experienced user, you are sure to relate to our Fedora Outlier teammate Brie’s story of how she was scared to death when she first got her new iPhone.