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Fedora Outlier’s #1 Favorite App Brought to You by How to Be Blind Is… ..

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And the #1 App of the first annual Top Ten list of 2013 is…
I’ve been sworn to secrecy. I happen to know what the #1 Favorite App of 2013 is but I’m not allowed to divulge it quite yet. There are just a few items of business that need to be addressed before the #1 app can be revealed. You’ve waited this long, a little bit more won’t hurt Will it?

First. The entire team at Fedora Outlier, LLC wants to thank the entire blindness community for all of your support during our campaign to find the #1 favorite app that is used by you, the consumer. We asked for your help nearly a month ago and you delivered. It started with a simple survey requesting you to tell us what your favorite app was and the response was amazing. We then took all of the submissions and compiled our Top Ten list and once again, we asked you, the blind consumer, to help us by reading and sharing our daily posts and newsletters. And, yes, like troopers, you delivered with amazing results. Our fedora’s are off to all of you with a very large Thank You!

Secondly, Fedora Outlier would like to thank Mike Malarsie of How To Be Blind for agreeing to be our sponsor during our campaign. We simply asked if he would be our sponsor and he graciously accepted. Thanks Mike.

Before we can announce what the #1 App of 2013 is, let’s take a look back at apps ten through two, shall we?

Coming in at number 10 was Dice World.

Play one of four games available within this fun-filled app. Try your hand at Farkle, Yatzy, Balut or Pig. You’ll need a little bit of strategic luck when it comes to playing one of these dice rolling games!

Coming in at number 9 was Tune In Radio

Listen to thousands of different stations anywhere in the world. Just download the app for free and then listen to your heart’s content to music, news, sports or your favorite podcast!

Coming in at number 8 it was Happy Typing with Fleksy

This very popular app allows you to input text without even having to see the screen. Just lightly touch the screen and Fleksy does the rest for you!

Navigating to the number 7 position on the Top Ten list was the Seeing Eye GPS by the Sendero. Group

Another popular app that made the Top Ten list was the Seeing Eye GPS which gives turn-by-turn directions, clearly states the names of streets, repositions directions if you veer off course and is very easy to use.

At number 6 on the countdown we found the Amazon Kindle For iOS app

It is now possible for the blind to use Amazon’s Kindle. Just download the app and start searching for that favorite book of yours!

Fedora Outlier’s Number One App Of 2013 Brought To You By How To Be Blind: Coming In At Number 5 Is BlindSquare

Find your favorite coffee shop, theater or restaurant with the use of this navigational app that gathers information located around you and your neighborhood.

Sliding into position number 4 was mBraille

Use this app along with your Braille skills to type on your iOS device.

We found out that reading is fundamental when the NLS Bard Mobile app took spot number 3

The blindness community cheered with enthusiasm when the NLS BARD Mobile app was released last year. What books and magazines are you reading since this app’s release?

My favorite app, Tap Tap See, is our Top Ten Favorite App of 2013 runner-up at number 2

This revolutionary app allows the blind and low vision to identify various objects and items accurately and proficiently. It has become a very popular application within the blindness community and it has definitely made a difference in regards to those of us who use this app on a daily basis.

Coming in at number 1 is… Did you really think that we would tell you this a day early? Remember when we announced this countdown we said that it would run from January 21 to January 31. Well today is the 30 so you will just have to come back tomorrow to see what the number 1 app on our best of 2013 list is!

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