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Fedora Outlier’s Number One App Of 2013 Brought To You By How To Be Blind: Coming At Number 4 Is…

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Excitement was building. I was six years old, and I couldn’t wait to get it! It was going to revolutionize my life! I was counting the days and then the big day came. I actually had my own Perkins Brailler, and I could write anything I wanted to write – at home! Or wherever I went!

I felt that same kind of excitement when I downloaded our #4 app for 2013, MBraille, by MPaja. MBraille gives you the convenience of a Perkins Brailler right on the screen of your iDevice!

MBraille works with iPod, iPhone, and iPad. It gives you a Braille keyboard for entering information in either grade 1 or grade 2 Braille, and the translation to print is flawless! There are two possible keyboard layouts, so you can find and use the one which is most comfortable for you. And obviously, since MBraille is right on your iDevice, you can write what you want to anytime, anywhere!

There are free and paid versions of MBraille. The free version allows you to send text messages and tweets, and the paid version allows you to send emails, use your calendar, search the web, and much more! You can even write something in MBraille and paste it into any app on your iDevice that requires text input! I even use MBraille for my personal journal, pasting my content into Notesy for Dropbox.

The best news is that, for the Braille user, MBraille is fast! You can increase your typing speed to the point where you will surpass most sighted users of IOS devices. For increased productivity and convenience, go to the app store and get MBraille today!

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