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Fedora Outlier’s Number One App Of 2013 Brought To You By How To Be Blind: Coming In At Number 3 Is…

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So you have been patiently waiting as we announce one app at a time leading up to the number 1 app. Your wait is getting closer to being over. For the number 3 app today,we will go back to a time that seems so long, long ago. Not quite back to the dinosaur age or even Pony Express era, but my children would say it is. The way we read books has progressively gotten better. and better

I began losing my vision in the late 60’s. For many years, I read with a magnifier, because I wasn’t aware that there was a reading service that would loan me books. When I finally heard about the National Library Service for the Blind., , I immediately signed up for the service.. It became so exciting each week to see what came in the mail for my enjoyment. These were cassette tapes. Well to my chagrin,, some of the tapes came already damaged and I would start reading and find that I couldn’t finish reading. This was very disappointing.

Next came the NLS Bard website, and I was able to download books to a device. This was a much better experience and I began downloading and reading books on a Victor Stream which was great, but it still required an extra device in my technology collection. It also meant that I had to take time out of my busy schedule and sit down at my computer and download several books at a time onto an SD card. This was an improvement, and I enjoyed it very much, however, when I was away from home, I had to wait till I had a computer available (with screenreader) to get more books.

In September of 2013, the best of all improvements came when the NLS Bard app was launched. If I heard the name of a book or an author that I would like to read, I could download books to my Wish List, and pull them up when I was ready to read.

This App has truly changed my life when it comes to reading, cause I can research authors and books when I am in the doctor’s office,, on a bus, out to lunch, riding on long trips. As long as I have a connection on my iPhone, I can browse at my leisure. I even went to visit a friend who was in the hospital, and you know how boring it can be there. I was able to read my selection while she was sleeping or out of the room for tests.

So, I have just mentioned my iPhone. This app can also be accessed on the iPod and iPad. This app along with other reading apps, some of which have been mentioned in the countdown to the number 1 app give the blind a wonderful source of reading pleasure as well as a great way to empower ourselves with knowledge.

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