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Fedora Outlier’s Number One App Of 2013 Brought To You By How To Be Blind: Coming In At Number 7 Is…

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When it comes time to go out for a nice leisurely walk, as a blind person who is also a guide dog user I take extreme comfort knowing that my trusted German Shepard Duke will get me there safely. But it is still up to me to know where I am going. This is where the app that has landed at number 7 on Fedora Outlier’s Number One App Of 2013 countdown can help.

All of us who are iPhone users know that there is no shortage of GPS apps on the Apple App Store. Some of them are free, and some are not. In fact I actually own one of the paid GPS apps that if my memory serves me correctly cost me about $30. I am sure that most people reading this can guess which one I am talking about.

Depending what you need from a GPS app will determine which app you will ultimately decide is your favorite one, but for me right now it would have to be the app that is at number 7. The name of this app is The Seeing Eye GPS.

What makes this app so much better for me that any of the others that I have tried? Quite simply it is designed for the blind pedestrian which for me means a great deal.

The Seeing Eye GPS is made by the team at The Sendero Group who have been designing and making GPS solutions for the blind since 2000 when they released the first computer based GPS solution. Almost 15 years later we now have what I consider to be the perfect turn by turn GPS solution for the blind.

I do have to admit when The Seeing Eye GPS was first released last year I was very disappointed to learn that in order to use the app one needed to purchase a rather expensive subscription plan. Now I know that Sendero is not a non profit company and that I am sure that the development of such an app was very expensive, and lets not forget that in order for the app to be able to give the user such good and accurate directions Sendero must pay a license fee to the company that supplies the maps for the app.

Up until very recently I would have said that this subscription model that they went with was a deal breaker, but just a couple of weeks ago Sendero Group decided to begin to offer an individual the chance to pay a much less expensive monthly subscription instead of a yearly or a 3 year plan.

It was at this point that I decided that I would really begin to use this app for my walking needs. Let me tell you that I am now a Seeing Eye GPS user as long as they do not take away the monthly plan.

The current available subscription plans are:

  • Monthly Plan: $9.99
  • 1 Year Plan: $69.99
  • 3 Year Plan: $129.99

You must choose a subscription before you can begin to use the app. I think that this is a mistake. In my opinion Sendero should at the very least put out a light version of this app that would of coarse only give the basic features of the paid version so that we all could at least give it a test run before having to pay them for one of these subscriptions.

If you are a fan of all of the GPS solutions that are available for an iPhone user then keep following this list because this will not be the last one that makes it on to the countdown!

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