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Fedora Outlier’s Number One App Of 2013 Brought To You By How To Be Blind: Coming In At Number 9 Is…

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I am old enough to remember stand-alone radios, one in the bedroom, kitchen, living room and den, so we could listen wherever we were in the house. I also remember traveling in the car, and losing my favorite radio station as we got out of range. So we’d have to turn the dial to attempt to find a radio station with good music or interesting talk, or if we were lucky, the sports game we had been following.

But those days are history now. All I had to do was to install TuneIn Radio on my iPhone. This incredible app has thousands of radio stations, so I can listen to music, sports, talk, and even podcasts broadcasting from anywhere in the world. That means I can be in San Francisco and pick up the local college’s football game on the station carrying the broadcast. I can be sipping strawberry daiquiris on the beach in Jamaica and rock to music from my favorite radio station, or check out news from wherever I choose, just by finding the station with TuneIn Radio.

Even right here at home the app is invaluable. I’m an insomniac, waking up in the middle of the night ready to party, or something. But instead I stay snuggled under the covers, find a radio station in my favorites, or browse for a new one to listen to, and just relax. Yes, you can make any station you find a favorite, so you don’t have to search for it again. You can also record anything you are listening to, so if you want to hear it again, all you’ll need to do is go to the recording tab, and it will be there, ready and waiting for you.

Back to the long car ride, and listening to the radio. Not only do I have thousands of stations at my fingertips, in many languages I might add, but each of us can listen to whatever we want simply by using earbuds. No more arguments about what kind of content to listen to, or debates over the type of music to tune in.

Go ahead, download this awesome, free I might add, app, and Tune In to your heart’s content. It will without a doubt open up a whole new world to you!

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