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Finding That App In The App Store

Posted in Apple Inc, and iOS

Someone has told you about an app that you just cannot live without. , or you’ve read about one but the link to find it in the app store isn’t there. So, it’s time to go on your own app store app search. There’s a tip or two that will make the difference between your search being a failure, or a success.

Searching For An App On An iPhone Or An iPod Touch

On the iPhone or iPod touch, at the bottom of the screen are five tabs, one of them being search. Double tap this and do the following:
1. Place your finger in the upper left-hand corner of the screen, where you will find the search field.
2. Double tap this field.
3. Either dictate or type in the app name with the keyboard at the bottom of the screen.
4. At the bottom right of the keyboard, the very bottom right of the screen, double tap search.
5. The results will appear in a picker item at the bottom of the screen. If you slowly slide your finger up from the Home button the first thing that you will hear is “Genius Tab.” Keep sliding your finger up until you hear Voice Over say the name of the first app in the Search Results Picker..
6. When you flick up with one finger you will hear the name of the next app and the information at the top of your screen will refresh to show this next app.
7. When you find what you are looking for, you can double tap the free or price button to purchase the app.
8. If you want more information about it, double tap the app name, and more info about the app will be on the next screen, along with the free or price button.

Searching For An App On An iPad

If you want to search for an app on your iPad? Go into the app store, and find the tabs at the bottom of the page. You’ll notice that there is no search tab. The first time you perform a search, you’ll need to double tab the purchased tab and do the following:
1. Begin at the top left, then right flick until you come to the search field, and double tap.
2. Fill in the app name by Either dictating or type in the app name with the keyboard at the bottom of the screen.
3. Double tap search, located on the right-hand side of the keyboard.
4. You will be focused on the done button. Right flick and you will find iPad apps selected.
5. Continue to right flick, past iPhone apps and the text field, to the list of results if any. The number of results will be given at the beginning of the list.
6. Have no fear, for if there are no results for the app, left flick back to iPhone apps and double tap.
7. Right flick once again, past the search field and the clear text button to find out if there are any results.
8. If there are multiple results listed, perhaps 10 or more, you can narrow the search in the next 3 popup buttons, price, all categories, and/or relevance.
9. Beyond those popup buttons begins the list of app results.

Hopefully, the app you are looking for will be in the list. At that point, you can double tap on the name to get more info about it, or right flick directly to the free, or price listed, button. For subsequent searches, you will find the search field at the top of whatever screen you begin with, from featured to updates.

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