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Flying Blind, Editing Videos & An Offer for You!

Posted in Delivering Access

I’ve just touched down safe and sound in good ol’ Virginia from my first class seat.

Flying during a pandemic is a bit different than we’re all used to … but I wanted to explore the unique differences as a blind person!

I must say, it didn’t feel ALL that different to me…

If anything, it might have been even better than usual!

I still used an airport sighted guide throughout the entire day (mostly ladies and they LOVE me, of course).

The planes were far less packed as each middle seat was skipped so no one was ever next to you.

It wasn’t mandatory, but everyone was masked up (myself included) and we all adhered to social distancing when possible.
I shot a quick video to show you three things:

  1. My flight experience
  2. How easy it is for a blind person to create, produce and edit their own videos.
  3. How you can join my newest Mac 101 course for ONLY $1!

Strap in and watch “Traveling Blind During Covid 19, Video Editing And A Offer” now.

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