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#FF: Follow Friday with Rick Harmon and @BlindGeekZone

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Wow, can you believe it’s Friday again? With a four-day week, the time has just flown by, and here we are with another Follow Friday pick featuring a very good friend of the Fedora Outlier team.

Rick Harmon is one of Ohio’s “geekiest” guys—and I imagine he’s gunning for the title nationwide. He’s an impeccable trainer, tech enthusiast and runs the Blind Geek Zone, a blog and website filled with tons of tech-related resources for the blindness community.

I took a few minutes to talk with Rick this week to learn exactly how he’s “geeking out” on Twitter, and learn a few reasons why you should give @BlindGeekZone a follow.

Why Should You Follow @BlindGeekZone on Twitter?

Whether you’re an all-out geek, a nerdy wannabe or just a lover of good technology, the Blind Geek Zone has a little something for you. Since 2007, Rick has been an assistive tech trainer and technology enthusiast, so his catalog of resources include many tutorials and applications you simply won’t find elsewhere.

BGZ’s tweeds aren’t clutter, they’re not noise and they’re certainly not going to flood your feed. Rick takes time to hand-pick content he shares there, and you can rest assured he’s not going to post it if he doesn’t believe it will help someone. And—that’s what Blind Geek Zone is all about.

Want to learn a bit more about Rick Harmon and the Blind Geek Zone? Here are the highlights from my interview with one of the geekiest dudes I know.

Chat with Rick Harmon of the Blind Geek Zone

Justin Romack: So, Rick, how long have you been tweeting, and what got you started?

Rick Harmon: I’ve been using Twitter on a personal level since 2007, and have been promoting BGZ using twitter Since 2008. I started using Twitter with BGZ more in the last 6 months in order to reach out to more people to spread the word about the website and what it offers to the blindness community. This is where I feel twitter really shines. It’s an easy way to quickly get and spread all types of interesting news in a way that takes mere seconds, not minutes, as it typically takes on other services like facebook.

JR: Why is Twitter such an important tool to you, and why do you think it’s become so important in the mainstream and blindness communities, as well?

RH: What makes Twitter so important to me is the ability to gather tons of information on many different types of things very quickly. I can follow lots of other Twitter users in the blind community to quickly find out what that “new thing” is and how I can take quick advantage of it and to then share that information with people that in turn follow me and BGZ for information. It’s really an amazing service.

JR: What type of content and conversations are you creating on the @BlindGeekZone Twitter account?

RH: On the BGZ Twitter account, I typically update my followers as to what new content can be found on the website, but I often also RT interesting tidbits from people I follow around the community that I think may be of interest to people that follow BGZ on a daily basis. It’s not a high traffic account, but what I share is generally what everyone that follows BGZ is looking for. I guess what I’m trying to say is my tweets over there are a little “geeky”.

JR: How has Twitter helped to grow the Blind Geek Zone community over the years?

RH: I use Twitter to market the BGZ brand in ways that I think twitter is really suited for. The ability to get information out about new content is important. People these days want information quickly, and often don’t have time to wade through a lot of information on the website in order to find what’s new. Twitter allows me to quickly update my followers to what’s new on BGZ, and lets them determine if the content is something they are interested in, or something they can pass on.

JR: What can people expect when they follow @BlindGeekZone on Twitter?

RH: Simply geeky goodness without a bunch of fluff. I don’t discuss personal things on the BGZ account like what I had to eat, or how my day is going. I simply pass on the geeky bits my followers expect to see.

How to Get in Touch with Rick and @BlindGeekZone

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