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Follow Friday: #FF with Laura Legendary of @Accessible_Info

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Welcome, once again, to Follow Friday (or as frequent Twitter followers call it—#FF). The weekly #FF trend highlights interesting “tweeters” worth following,, and since it’s one of the Fedora team’s goals to share noteworthy people and brands within the blindness community, we felt it necessary to jump in feet first on the weekly Follow Friday craze. Each Friday, we’ll profile another Twitter user through the Follow Friday series on the Delivering Access blog.

Who are we showcasing this Friday? For this week’s profile, I’ve picked Laura Legendary from Accessible Insights. What’s this? You haven’t heard of Laura and Accessible Insights? Well, get that cup of coffee or tea, sit back and read about whom she is and what her organization has to offer.

Why Should You Follow @Accessible_Info on Twitter?

Laura Legendary is a speaker, author, and educator specializing in disability awareness, advocacy, accessibility, and assistive technology. You’ll be inspired by her encouraging tweets and her insightful conversations. Plus: She is doing so much to benefit the blindness community, she’s sure to cover something that will interest you.

The Interview with Laura

For those people who may not know what Accessible Insights offers, can you tell us what someone like me would find at your site?

Accessible Insights is the third in a series of web destinations each devoted to a different aspect of health and aging, in-home care, products, publications and services for people with disabilities and in-home health care providers. Accessible Insights is devoted entirely to helping you choose the best tools to maximize functionality and independence for individuals with vision loss. Here you will find some helpful assistive technology and adaptive devices to enhance the home or work environment. 

What was your reason for starting Accessible Insights?

Originally, I wanted to establish a one-stop information resource for the companies and health care agencies to which I provided disability awareness education.  When blogging became popular, I realized that a blog could be a repository for the articles and other educational materials I had already published.  Then, I became concerned that my messaging was a bit scattered, so I divided the content into three main web sites, each of which pertain to a different aspect of disability awareness, advocacy, assistive technology, aging, and in-home care.  Accessible Insights is where I focus on the products and publications, links and tips that can help anyone living with low or no vision.

Why did you choose to use Twitter as one of your social platforms for your site?

There are two things I love:  Information and instant interaction.  Twitter provides both.  It has put me directly in touch with the people I admire most…my personal heroes, the ones who work every day to affect change in the world. 

Who is the most interesting person that you follow or that follows you?

Frankly, I find just about everyone with whom I interact on Twitter interesting.  Everyone has something to contribute, whether that’s information about web site accessibility, copyright law, 3D printing, podcasting, writing, or music…I have many interests and love to celebrate the accomplishments of others, whether great or small. 

If there was one thing you would want your Twitter followers to know about you or Accessible Insights, what would it be—and why?

I want them to know that I believe in them.  I hear them.  I pay attention to what they say.  They matter, people matter.  There are plenty of individuals and companies whose names are known, who are considered to be experts or gurus or ambassadors of the community.  Yet, I don’t want the lesser-known names to go without recognition for their work.  I know bloggers and Braille instructors, social workers and software developers, consultants, counselors, and family caregivers who never get credit for what they do, and I want them to know their achievements have not gone unnoticed, or been unappreciated.  When I can, I want to promote the ones who work behind the scenes, who are unlikely to emerge as an accessibility “rock star,” simply because that’s not the spotlight they are seeking.  But that doesn’t mean that they are less deserving of the same attention and praise for their efforts.  I see them, I read them, and I value them.

To connect with Laura and her tweets, make sure to follow @Accessible_Info on Twitter. You may also want to check out the Accessible Insights blog, and learn more about Laura’s public speaking engagements through the Eloquent Insights website. Laura has also recently launched a start-up, Elegant Insights Braille Creations, which offers braille-embossed jewelry and accessories for both men and women. Find out more by visiting the Elegant Insights website, and finding Elegant Insights on Facebook.

We’re sharing plenty of great people, information and conversation over on Twitter, and we’d love for you to follow @Fedora_Outlier on Twitter, as well. You’ll have a chance to meet our wonderful team (including myself, Justin and VaShaun), and learn all about Apple accessibility and other assistive technologies you can use to change your life for the better!