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Follow Friday With Debbie Hazelton

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Good Morning! Friday has finally arrived. A week of putting in long hours, meeting deadlines and attending important meetings has come to a close. It’s time to enjoy the weekend and to also read this week’s edition of Fedora Outlier’s Follow Friday (#FF) interview series.

Do you ever feel like you don’t have enough hours in the day to get everything done? Have you ever asked yourself what your passion or purpose is in life? Does your spirit need rejuvenation? If you answered yes to these questions, then you will definitely want to read this week’s interview.

The team at Fedora Outlier, LLC is very passionate about the services and resources we provide. However, there are times when it is necessary to recharge our minds, bodies and spirits.

Join me as I had the opportunity to chat with Debbie Hazelton whose mission in life is “helping people feel better one person at a time.”

Brie Rumery: For those who may not know who you are or what you do, please tell us a little bit about yourself?

Debbie Hazelton: Blind since birth, I believe that my passions have always been with me. I grew up believing that if I did not live my own life, that someone else would live it for me. Throughout my life I asked myself several questions such as, “How do I bridge gaps between myself and others?”, “What is valuable to me?” etc. Today, I am all about, what my tag line says, “Helping People Feel Better One Person At A Time.” I work with groups of people and individuals, both locally and globally, by providing insight, candor, humor, music, inspiration and a host of other ideas to help them align their mind, body and spirit. I provide these services through public speaking, private counseling, massage therapy or “hands-on energy. I also create and sell my own aromatherapy products and I am also a distributor of Juice Plus.

BR: What are some of your passions and how have you gone about making them a reality?

DH: It is not at all uncommon for me to suddenly branch out into something new. For instance, coming to Carrollton, Georgia for two graduate degrees, partaking in one of the nation’s own programs in Humanistic Psychology or venturing into my ordination, a movement that recognizes individual ministries. Spending time in Orlando with a dear friend, an acupuncturist, medical intuitive and healer who taught me a great deal. My personal passions include deep and soulful connections with a few friends that I consider family, a life-long love of singing and a true joy of cooking! A connection with animals is also very dear to my heart as I live with guide dog number 7 and my sweet 15-pound baby cat!

BR: What do you mean by the term “Holistic Spiritual Growth?”

DH: It is my personal belief that there is an essence, a substance that is in and through everything and everyone. As I see it, holistic psychology is about growing in positive esteem, honoring our bodies, embracing the spirit of life and learning to grow from all of life’s experiences.

BR: I know that you have a background in counseling, How have you been able to combine psychology with holistic spirituality?

DH: Humanistic psychology and New Thought (metaphysical spirituality) just go hand in hand with each other. They both invite and encourage personal growth. This means finding and building self-esteem, coming to know our heart’s desires, our purpose, and learning to move the ego aside, thanking it for its past role in helping us to survive, and allowing our spirit to flourish.

BR: How important is it for our mind, body and spirit to be “healthy” in such a fast-paced culture of today?

DH: I think it is huge! Everything is moving faster, including our planet! I think we are in a major and exciting time of transition, energetically, which involves all levels of our existence. In a practical sense our lives are compounded by what I often refer to as “our biggest problem: over processed foods and under processed emotions.”

BR: For someone who might want to learn more about aromatherapy, holistic spirituality, alternative health, etc. what resources or advice would you recommend?

DH: Regarding aromatherapy, there are several books available out there, some on BookShare. I started with a book from NLS that taught me how to make homemade gifts. There are also adult education courses that I learned a great deal from. A favorite website of mine, where I order a great deal of my supplies, and has a wealth of resources is There are several books available on but the most important book that I recommend is learning to know you! Finally, I am happy to share, to help guide, and to work with anyone who wants more of what I offer. Negotiable pricing, flexible scheduling, and sometimes, it isn’t about money, its just about sharing, networking, having an open door, and helping to knock down the walls of isolation and assumed separateness.

BR: Why do you choose to use Twitter as a social media platform and who are some of the people you follow?   


DH: I love Twitter! It is quick, yet incredibly expansive! I’ve found new friends, clients, met fabulous colleagues, learned my iPhone, found incredible books! If I could get the world on Twitter and away from labor some email, I would love to see this happen.
 I follow businesses and individuals doing good things, such as yourselves. 😉 I follow friends in the community, both in the blindness community and, in the New Thought, Energy Work and Holistic Health communities. I follow people who are supportive of me, my shows, or me personally, and those who express interest in my work.
Some examples, besides Fedora Outlier, include:
@jcast @MiraclesGoddess @kshandrow @darrell @JeffBishop, @Shazza59 @Revdavidault @SLC_Atlanta @LeGardenBakery @wootoff @deblewis53 @douglas2005 @JudithOrloffMD @CiaoMaddio @davidji_com

Thank you Debbie for taking time to chat with me this week. I hope that the information and wisdom she provided will empower you to take some time out of your busy schedules, slow down, and rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit!

Please make sure to visit Debbie’s web site to find out more about the services she provides and for a list of her books and podcasts at and please feel free to add her to your list of followers on Twitter @debbiehazelton.

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