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Frequently Asked Questions Friday:

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Here’s the deal… Every week our inbox is full of questions on what something is, how to do something or what to do about their ongoing VR case.

We at Fedora have lots of experience with Apple technology and closing cases and its super easy for us to walk someone through a greater understanding of their technology, VR and life in general.

The hard part is getting back to each and every one of you quickly without forgetting your question you asked at a convention while we are preparing for a session or when 10 people stop us in the halls and say “I just have a quick question”

You got to love those 30 minute quick conversations, right?

We do allot of traveling, special trainings and workshops all over the world and questions arise that we just didn’t have the time to offer deep dives into until now.

Introducing Frequently Ask Questions Friday On Facebook from Fedora Outlier LLC.

We’ll take time out each Friday to answer your burning questions, give guidance and help you to be empowered in this thing called life.

The only thing we ask is that you keep your questions brief and to the point and we’ll be sure to answer them each Friday on our Facebook live stream.

Coming up February 9th we’ll answer Georgeo’s question about AirDrop, on the Mac and iOS What is is and how it works. Why to use it and when.

Everything can be found on our ever evolving Facebook page found at

Like our page and get your notification when we are going live and hear your question answered.
You can submit your questions by either replying to this mail piece, calling and leaving a message on 678.404.2635 or by iMessage using

We believe in changing the world and we need your help.

This is our way of helping you to help us.

We’ll see you on the inside.

Thanks in Advance.

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