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Getting To Know The Man Behind The Company!

Posted in Apple Inc

I want to tell you a story about a man I know who has become a successful blind entrepreneur. Nearly seven years ago, this particular person became completely blind, lost his prominent job at a law firm and like all of us who have experienced similar situations, had no idea what to do next.

What to do next. Determined to become once again, gainfully employed and eager to rejoin the work force, this friend of mine reached out to Vocational Rehabilitation with confidence that his counselor would soon find him employment and that he would soon be back to work.

Equipped with new skills and a wealth of information and resources provided to him by his counselor, my dear friend, who is quite passionate about assistive technology, embarked on a journey that would eventually change not only his life but the lives of others within the blindness community.

Adorned with his favorite and stylish hat, the fedora, and a definite game plan, my friend and mentor would take his expertise in assistive technology, especially Apple’s “born accessible” products and create a unique company that would provide top quality better than excellent consulting, teaching and support for the blind by the blind.

If you haven’t figured out who I am writing about then you can find out by listening to his interview he gave to the VIP Round Table of Cool Blind Tech where you will come to understand that it is possible to be blind and to also be a successful entrepreneur.

Don’t you deserve the best when it comes to learning a new skill? At Fedora Outlier, LLC you’ll receive “Top Down, Better Than Excellent” consulting, teaching and support for Apple’s iOS devices and computer products. Don’t be afraid! Take a bite out of the Apple and learn something new today!