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Mac Vs. PC Pt. 1: Grand Opening, Grand Closing

Posted in Delivering Access

James Brown created a song titled “Its A Man’s Man’s World” and it was a hit.

In the world of computing, I’ve often said “It’s A Mac, Mac World”!

I was emphatic about that point,


last week, when I decided to purchase a Windows machine after 17 years of Mac and iOS use.

Right now, I’m thinking about closing the lid, packing it back up and sending HP a “thank you, but no thank you“ note!

I’m going to chronicle my findings in a series called “Throw It Out The Window” (Or Maybe “Mac Daddy”).

Either way, I want to know what does Windows offer after 17 years?

Is Apple really the Mac Daddy?

I haven’t figured that part out yet, but here’s the first video.

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