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Guided Access In iOS 6 Part 1

Posted in Apple Inc, and iOS

Recently I was in the mall with a loved one while they looked for the perfect pair of shades to accent their summer wardrobe and a thought occurred to me. I was passing the Apple store and began to think of some major projects that we are working on that will brighten the future for not only the blind community of Apple product users but for the disabled community as a whole.

It’s now that we truly see revolutionary advancements in main stream devices that speak to our specific access needs. And addresses them head on.

One of the biggest additions to Apples’ future mobile operating system as far as accessibility goes is Guided Access.

Guided Access in iOS 6 disables the Home button and restricts touch input to certain areas of the screen.

During its 2012 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco a couple of weeks, ago Apple introduced a new feature that addresses both user accessibility and testing needs when its mobile devices are used in schools.

“Guided Access” allows for the lockdown of an iOS 6 device to limit its use to a single app. The feature disables the Home button and restricts touch input to certain areas of the screen.

iOS 6, which is expected to be released in the fall of 2012 will greatly impact the disabled community in a positive way.

This feature will enhance the lives of its users tremendously. Guided Access was created for individuals with autism, however it will work amazingly for educators, teachers of the visually impaired and parents who want to restrict access to specific apps for their children.

The future is so bright for those needing a true low cost, effective piece of assistive technology that I might go get me a pair of those fancy shades myself!

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