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Has Anyone Seen The Tape?

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The tape is missing! I cant find it anywhere! I know its right in front of me but I just cant locate it. Makayla! Come help your mom find the tape! Why am I desperately looking for the tape in the first place? Well, the reason is that my husband Scott and I just bought our very first house which means we have to pack the house up and tape up the boxes. You would think that this would be an easy task and for the most part it is but when your blind, it makes packing and moving just a bit more difficult, at least for me it is.
I’ve been moving since I was a teenager and you would think that it would get easier the more you do it but as my vision became worse, the harder it became for me to move across country or across the street without having some type of melt down, so this time I decided that I would try to be more organized and attempt to have some type of plan to make the three-tenths of a mile move go smoothly. I had plenty of boxes, plenty of newspaper and plenty of tape. I started with the dining room and within an hour I had packed up several boxes and I was very pleased with myself. I had even printed off labels to put on the boxes so that the people who would be helping us move would know where to put everything. My organizational plan was working and I was pleased with myself and what was even better was that I hadn’t had a melt down yet.

Then it happened. A small crack formed in the packing vortex. It was late. I was tired and I was done packing for the night. I moved the packed boxes out of the way so we would have a path for us and the dogs to maneuver throughout the house. I pushed over the empty boxes and stack of newspapers so they to would be out of the way and I placed the roll of tape and the dispenser it was in on top of the newspapers, at least thats what I thought I had done. Thats the one mistake us blind people make. We place items down somewhere telling ourselves that we will be able to find them the next time but that doesn’t happen, at least not with me. I told myself that the tape was on top of the newspapers so that way when I resumed my packing the next day I would know exactly where it was. Weave all done that, right? Well, the next day came and I couldn’t find the tape which I knew without a doubt I had placed on top of the stack of newspapers the following night. Did it drop? Was it behind one of the empty boxes? Where did I put the darn tape? The crack in the vortex was getting bigger and I had absolutely no idea where I had placed the tape. Even my daughter Makayla couldn’t find it. We looked all over the house and still couldn’t find it. Then Makayla asked this silly question, ìMom, do you think you packed it?

My dear friend Shannie who is totally blind and has moved several times as well told me that I should have gone to Walmart or Home Depot and bought a bunch of Rubber Maid plastic containers with lids and then I wouldn’t have needed to use any tape in the first place. Another friend of mine who is visually impaired and has a cat and purchases the large square kitty litter containers has used them for packing items once they are empty. Apparently she’s been known to lose the tape as well. The tape is still missing but I know it will be found when we open the boxes at our new home and the next time we move, which I hope is never, I plan on not using tape at all!

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has done such a silly thing before so please feel free to tell me one of your funny moving stories or if you have a creative way of packing by leaving a comment below.

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