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Heroes Needed: Our Delivering Access Podcast Launches Soon

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Over the past few years, access to information and resources has never been easier for people with disabilities. Mainstream and assistive technology have helped countless individuals access more, do more and be more.

But there’s something that often goes unnoticed as new tech and resources hit the market to help these folks—and it’s the heroes and heroines behind each advancement.

Some are entrepreneurs, others educators, while even more are engineers, innovators and creators. However, to each and every one here at Fedora Outlier, they’re extraordinary, and the Delivering Access podcast is theirs.

In July, we’ll be launching the first season of the Delivering Access podcast. It’s a deep dive with some of the brightest minds helping to redefine accessibility and usability for persons with disabilities.

You’ll join our host, VaShaun Jones, as he wraps on the what, how and why of their quest to revolutionize life for the blindness community and beyond. You’ll recognize many of our guests, as you use their products, services and resources every day, but we’ll give you behind-the-scenes access to how each came to be, and what you can expect to see from them in the future.

Are you ready for this? Get subscribed to the podcast by throwing in your podcatcher of choice, and hold tight for an iTunes link very soon. Even better: Do you have a hero or heroine in mind for us to highlight? Drop us a line at, or just send us a message using our contact form.

Stay tuned—we’ll be delivering access to you very soon!