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How to Add a Contact to Favorites in iOS

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We all have family and friends that we communicate with often, sometimes several times a day. Those folks are definitely our favorites, and on the iPhone, there is a tab in the Phone app devoted to them. It’s a neat, handy little way to get to the contacts we call most frequently.

When a contact is chosen as a “Favorite”, the way this is done differs slightly depending on whether the contact has only one phone number assigned, or multiple phone numbers associated with it. And, as with many tasks on the iPhone, there are several ways to accomplish the same thing.

To “add a contact to favorites” from the Contacts app, follow these directions:

  • 1. Open the Contacts app with a single-finger double tap.
  • 2. Find the contact you’d like to add to “Favorites”.
  • 3. Single-finger double tap the contact name. It will open up and reveal the info about that contact.
  • 4. Single-finger flick right until you reach “add to favorites,” then single-finger double tap.

If the contact has only one phone number assigned to them, go directly to step 5. If the contact has multiple phone numbers, do the following”

Single-finger flick right to the phone number you’d like to add as a favorite, such as a home or mobile phone number, and single-finger double tap to select it. Now, head to step 5.

  • 5. The phone number you’ve just selected will be presented, and you’ll be asked if you’d like to add this phone number as a voice or FaceTime call.
  • 6. If this phone number is not the one you wanted to select, double tap “Cancel”. Otherwise, single-finger flick right to the selection you’d like to add and single-finger double tap it to make your selection.

Congratulations! Your selection has just been added as a “Favorite” in the Phone app. Check it by opening the Phone app with a single-finger double tap, then another single-finger double tap on the “Favorites” tab at the bottom-left.

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How many “Favorites” have you added to your iPhone—and what does it take to earn this distinction?