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How To Forward A Text Message

Posted in iOS

One of the things I love the best about my iPhone is that I can have conversations with family and friends without making a phone call. Text messaging is quick and easy, and sending iMessages is even better, since there is no charge for this type of messaging. Sometimes I get a message that I can’t resist passing along. Sometimes there is a message that I need to send to someone else, as it has information they need.

Forwarding a message is very easy to accomplish, and here is how you do it:

1. Open the messages app with a one finger double tap.
2. one finger right flick until you reach the conversation you are looking for.
3. one finger double tap on that conversation to open it and reveal the entire list of messages in that conversation.
4. Right flick to the edit button.
5. one finger double tap that button.
6. Right flick until you find the message or messages you want to forward. Yes, you can forward more than one message.
7. Touch the bottom of the screen with one finger. There are two buttons down there, delete and forward. The forward button will list how many messages you have selected to send.
8. one finger double tap the forward button.
9. The next screen will be the new message screen, and the focus will be on the “to” field, which will be editing.
10. Fill in the phone number where you want the message to go, or right flick to the add from address book button.
11. To add from the address book, do the following:
a. one finger double tap on the button.
b. one finger right flick until you find the contact you are seeking, or use the table index at the bottom right of the screen.
c. If using the table index, one finger flick up until you reach the first letter of the contact’s last name, then place your finger in the middle of the screen and one finger right or left flick until you get to the contact.
d. one finger double tap on the contact name, then one finger right flick to the phone number.
e. one finger double tap. This will fill in the to field.
12. Once the recipient is listed in the to field, one finger right flick to the send button.
13. one finger double tap send, and the message will be forwarded to its destination.

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