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I Heart Radio For iPhone, Old Hat App Review

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I do not know many who do not love music these days. We all have our favorites genres and our favorite artists that we listen to. What would you say about an app that allows you to listen to thousands of radio stations for free? You could also create your own stations and would not have to put up with any commercials? Well get comfortable and I will tell you all about this music app that does this and much more.

iHeartRadio is a free app that lets one hear thousands of live radio stations. The user can also create their own stations based on an artist or favorite song. The station will also play similar artists to the one you have selected. When the user opens the app for the first time he or she will have to create an account. One can linked this to their facebook account which makes signing up a whole lot easier. If you do not have facebook you can sign up using your e-mail. Once getting through the registration you will land on the home screen. In order to get to all the features on this screen you have to double tap on the Nav icon button. It will say that it is inactive, but double tapping on it seems to bring up all the headings on the home screen. At this point I would set your rotor to headings to navigate the app more efficiently. The different headings are:

  • recently played,
  • Favorites,
  • Discover
  • More

The recently played heading will list the stations that you have listened to. To start playing one of these stations just Double tap on it. The favorites heading will list your most favorite stations, The discover heading has five different tabs that will take you to different areas of the app. These tabs are:

  • Home
  • Live
  • Perfect for
  • Create station
  • Talk

The live tab allows one to select an Internet station. One can select either news, talk, sports or music. The perfect for tab allows one to select a playlist of music based on a particular time of day and mood. The create tab will allow one to create a commercial free station of a particular song or artist. Once you pick an artist you will be presented with controls to stop, skip the song, buy the song, and thumb it up or down. The talk tab will allow one to listen to different podcasts on a variety of subjects. The last heading, is called more. Under this heading one can find an alarm, sleep timer and finally you will hear your name. Double tapping on your name will bring up the settings for the app.

Name: iHeartRadio

Accessibility Rating:  2 hats <img src="/wp-content/themes/badeyes/images/2hats.png"

Version: 4.9.1


App URL:

Price at time of review: Free

Category: Music

Platform: Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

Our Review

I want to say that I think iHeartRadio has potential of being a great app, but it is not there yet. When I got through the registration it was confusing to find all the controls for the app. I saw the icon nav button and it stated that it was inactive. I took a chance and double tapped on it to see what it could do. To my surprise I was able to now get to all the controls of the app. I was successful in creating a commercial free station and was able to listen to some live radio stations. In the perfect for tab I was not able to pick out a playlist at all. The buttons are not labeled at all. I could not figure out how to put a station in my favorites list. Also when listening to a station many of the buttons say that they are inactive even though they are not. One can double tap on them and the actions will be carried out. Because of these limitations, I only give the app 2 hats. I feel like there are other apps out there like Pandora radio, Songza and OO Tunes that allow one to listen to radio without this frustration.

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