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I just wanted to tell you that the ACB rocks and thank you

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Brie and Marcy have never ever been to a national convention in their life. They were scared to death to say the least.

Remember your first time at nationals? Wasn’t it scary?

Now you take it from being their first national convention with thousands of blind individuals to having to put on five sold out events.

Let’s recap…

1st time at a national convention

First time ever having to present together as a team

First time putting on five events in a short period of time

First time having to ask and answer so many questions from so
many people

First time without their husbands for so long

First time having to sell in front of so many people

First time ever being roommates

I for one am proud of them! They stepped out of their comfort zone and did multiple things for the first time in their life.

They will tell their stories on their respective blogs and keep you updated.

As always if you have any questions or comments you should click the leave a comment link below..

Marcy and Brie said they learned allot and they will be even more ready, even more better next year and they have you to thank for changing their life forever!

You guys rock!!

VaShaun Jones
Fedora Outlier LLC

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