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If You Know Everything There Is To Know About Your Mac, Then This Post Isn’t For You!

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There are four main reasons why a person has trouble mastering their Mac…
notice I didn’t say “using . their . Mac” 

I said

MASTERING their Mac!

Reason 1: They don’t listen

Reason 2: They don’t practice

Reason 3: Their settings are wrong for the intended use


The biggest issue of them all…

Reason 4: They were not properly taught a strong foundation to build their skills on.

After teaching literally thousands of Mac users, developing numerous assistive technology instructors and creating a global brand, 

I’ve found those four reasons alone stops most users from

ever mastering their Mac.

For those reasons alone, we are putting the final touches on a course to be released in June of this year


“Mac 101 – The Foundations”. 

The cost?

only $1! 

The benefits?

The main benefit is that you will have a strong working knowledge of the Mac and a foundation that allows you to…

• Download any application and instantly know how to navigate it. 

• Move around your Mac with ease. 

• Multi-task using the core functionalities of your Mac in an easy-to-understand work flow. 

• Work with pro apps like Pages, Keynote, Numbers, Logic Pro X and even FinalCut with a greater understanding. 

Sound good?

Well look out for more details and our $1 early bird special coming shortly.

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