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iLife Online: Changes In iOS 7

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For Immediate Release: Changes In iOS 7: Join Us For A Special iLife Online Event!
Atlanta, Georgia
September 28, 2013

On Wednesday, October 2nd at 7:00 PM Eastern, Fedora Outlier, LLC will host its first free web event entitled, “iLife Online: Changes In iOS7.

Why is Fedora Outlier, LLC venturing into the world of webinars?

Fedora Outlier’s team, led by VaShaun Jones, are dedicated to providing the blind, low vision and deaf-blind communities with the knowledge and skills needed in regards to mastering the use of Apple’s iOS devices.

The dedication of this innovative assistive technology firm was “seen” first-hand with the release of the first multi-media E-Book the Old Hat Guide to iPhone Accessibility. Written by Junior Partner Brie Rumery and her colleagues, the book depicts Ms. Rumery’s journey of being scared to death to even touch an iPhone to her determination and perseverance to overcome her fear and learn how to use the iPhone with proficiency and confidence.

The release of Apple’s iOS7 software and new 5C and 5S iPhones meant that Fedora’s book would need to be revised. “We didn’t just want to update the book; we wanted to go a step further.” Said a passionate Fedora team member.

The iLife One Day Event: Changes to iOS7 will be an hour long seminar for Voice Over users that are interested in learning a little bit about some of the new features and changes in iOS7. Listeners will also hear a short account of Brie Rumery’s story told in her own words. It’s an opportunity to learn why it is so important for Fedora Outlier, LLC to provide the best tools and resources to the blind, by the blind!

The cost of the iLife event is completely free but space is limited so RSVP as soon as possible to reserve a spot Wednesday night. Participants will be able to submit iOS7 questions through various formats such as Email, Twitter and Facebook and registered participants will also be able to take advantage of a special promotion after the presentation is finished.. So mark your calendar for a spectacular event brought to you from Fedora Outlier, LLC.

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