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For Immediate Release: Season Two Of The Delivering Access Podcast Is Here!

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For Immediate Release: Season Two – Delivering Access Podcast: Are You Ready To Empower?
Monday March 17, 2014
Atlanta, Georgia

“Empowering the blind To Be excellent, do more and live with greater success,” is the opening statement of the Fedora Outlier, LLC Delivering Access podcast hosted by the firm’s managing partner VaShaun Jones. The show’s first season was a successful one and that is why the entire team is proud to announce the arrival of Season Two of the weekly Delivering Access Podcast: Highlighting Heroes Changing Lives Every day.

The Delivering Access podcast debuted last year and was created to highlight individuals, groups and communities in the ever growing  blindness population who are changing lives and making a difference in the world through their works, passion and determination to make changes within the blindness community.

Each week a new guest tells their captivating story of how their blindness, though challenging at times, has not kept them from becoming successful, independent and empowering members of a sighted society. The eagerness of each guest to share a part of their life with the listener is what makes the Delivering Access podcast a “must listen” each and every Sunday.

If you missed hearing any of the shows fascinating guests from last year then you might want to take time to listen to a couple of Fedora’s favorite episodes. Guest Dr. Leo Bissonnette discussed how he put aside his Sociology doctorate to enter the field of assistive technology; while, John Panarese spoke about how important it is for the blind to have access to “born accessible” products and the skills to use them.

For those of you who have become avid listeners of the show then you will be thrilled to learn that Season 2 has arrived and you won’t want to miss episode one with
Mr. Brandt Steencamp who is teaching the blind how to use iOS in South Africa. His story is compelling and inspiring. You can download Episode 1 by going to Fedora Outlier, LLC or by subscribing to the Delivering Access podcast in the iTunes store.

You may not think you are a hero, but in actuality you are. Every time you share your story with others you provide a bit of inspiration, passion and empowerment! “Are you ready to empower?”

If you or your company would like to be featured as a guest on the Delivering Access Podcast, simply Send VaShaun Jones an email at with “PODCAST” in the subject line.

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