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Infinifolders, A Really Cool Jailbreak Tweak For iOS

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Are the home screens on your iOS device beginning to get out of control? Well if you are anything like me you have probably got far too many apps on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch than you could possibly use, and more than likely all of those apps have caused you to have several pages of apps to scroll through when you need to locate one. Now that I have finally jailbroken my iPhone I have found an answer to this problem and it is called Infinifolders!

What Is Infinifolders?

Simply put Infinifolders is in my opinion reason enough for anyone who is on the fence about jailbreaking their iOs device to finally climb to the top of that fence and jump off to the other side. Trust me once you do you will never want to use an iOS device that is not jailbroken again.

Infinifolders will remove the limit of how many apps that you can have in one folder on your iPhone, iPad, and your iPod Touch. Now I know that some of you are probably thinking, but didn’t Apple remove this limitation in iOS 7? Not exactly. What Apple did was to expand how many apps each folder can hold, but there is still a limit on the total number of apps that you can have in each folder.

Another great thing about using Infinifolders is that all of your apps inside of your folders use what is called vertical scrolling. This means that no longer will you only be able to have 9 apps per page inside of a folder, you will only have one page of apps inside of a folder. That’s right, no matter how many apps that you have in a folder they will all be on one page and you can simply scroll them vertically or by right flicking until VoiceOver lands on the one that you want.

Now for the best reason to install this jailbreak tweak. With Infinifolders on your device you can set your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch to have just 1 home screen. Yes you read that correctly. You can have only 1 home screen so no longer would you have to scroll through several pages of apps to find the app that you want. Just open the folder where it is located and right flick until you find it and then double tap on it.

Are you a jail breaker? If so, do you regret jailbreaking your device or are you pleased with your decision to jailbreak your iOS device? Leave me a comment on this post and tell me what some of your favorite jailbreak apps and tweaks are.

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