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Insomnia? Have An Apple, Or Two!

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Have you had a night, or maybe many nights, where either you couldn’t fall asleep, or had no trouble doing so but then woke up in the middle of the night, wide awake and ready to party?That has happened to me I can tell you, more times than I could possibly count! Truth is that I usually have no difficulty falling asleep, but when I wake up at 3 or 4 AM and nobody else is willing to get up and party with me, what am I to do?

There was a time that put me in a quandary. It was so frustrating to have my eyes wide open long before the sun rose, not knowing what to do with myself. but that was before iOS! What a world that has opened to all of us insomniacs! Now I have so many possibilities, so many things I can do just by turning on my iPhone or iPod. Admittedly, I don’t yet own an iPad, but everything I can do on my other devices are also possible on the iPad as well!

First of all, I can check mail while staying snug under the covers. I can surf the internet with Safari, check my text messages, or kick back and listen to music while trying to fall back to sleep. And those activities are all done with apps that come standard on the devices!

Now for some of my favorite third party apps, designed to entertain me when morning comes way too early! Okay, maybe they’re not exactly made just for me and my own personal insomnia, but they certainly are just what the proverbial insomniac doctor ordered!

I can listen to a host of podcasts in iCatcher or the new Podcast app from Apple itself, both podcast catcher apps. I love listening to the previous evening’s national newscasts to catch up on what is going on in the world. I listen to the other podcasts to which I’ve subscribed as well.

If I want a diversion between podcasts, I play some of my very favorite word games, Moxie, Seven Little Words, and Worder. Any of these can keep me occupied for hours! I find out what my friends are up to with Focus and Voicebook, both Facebook apps, and Twitter, cool little blurbs, those tweets!

Almost asleep… Okay, just kidding, as I haven’t been to the app store yet. Nothing like shopping in the app store in the pre-dawn hours. There I’ve updated apps, searched for new ones, and purchased. My favorite price to pay is free, of course!

Wow! I just read this over and realized that there is no way I could possibly do all of that in one night, or half the night as the case may be! But I’m sure you get the picture. There are many things on iOS to occupy anyone who has difficulty sleeping.

I’ve talked about lots of ways to use the iOS when those zzz’s just won’t come. But I know there are countless more, so I’d really appreciate your letting us all know what you do on your devices, or what you would do, if you couldn’t sleep. Leave your thoughts and comments below, and I thank you in advance for adding to my list!

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