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Introducing: The Win-ergy Series

Posted in Delivering Access

The number 1 question I got in 2020 during the pandemic and up until now is…

“What should I do with my life?”

My immediate response is to start thinking and acting with WIN-ERGY.

Yes, that is a word that I completely just made up, but it’s because…

of the 7 things i’m going to be breaking down for you in this new series that helped ME to help countless other blind individuals find their purpose in life and the energy to win again!

Watch “Win-ergy” explained now

and here’s a sneak peek of what’s coming over the next few months:

Week 1. What did you enjoy doing as a kid?

Week 2. Who’s your favorite book or movie character?

Week 3. What’s holding you back?

Week 4. Are you willing to sacrifice?

Week 5. What’s your picture of a fulfilled life?

Week 6. What would happen if you stayed on the sidelines?

Week 7. What’s your sweet spot?

Week 8. Complete Series Breakdown

Talent: What You Do Best

Passion: What You Love to Do Most

Mission: The Results That Matter

Keep up with the series to live in your purpose!

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