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Is That Your Dad I Heard?

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Have you ever been embarrassed by something your parents did? Well here is a story of something that my Dad used to do that really embarrass me, I hope that you like it.The Georgia Academy for the Blind is a residential school located in Macon, Georgia which is approximately 86 miles south of Atlanta and it is the place I called home during my junior and senior years of high school. It was necessary for me to attend the Academy for the Blind because at the time, the small town of Jasper, Georgia did not provide enough services for a visually impaired student; therefore, off to Macon I went.

At first I resented the fact that I had to attend such a school because I did not believe I needed to be there. My sight was not that bad and what could I learn at the Academy that I couldn’t learn at my own school back in Jasper. Within a few weeks my opinion changed and I learned to accept the fact that the Academy was my home and I would just have to make the best of it and I did.

During the week I attended classes, ate, slept, and lived at the Academy for the Blind, but when the weekend came, I went home, actually I insisted on going home, at least for the first year. Every Friday, I would pack my travel bag and wait for my parents to arrive at the school to pick me up and take me home and every Sunday we would make the trip back to Macon. We put a lot of miles on my parent’s car those two years.

For those students who were not able to go home or chose to stay at the Academy for the weekend, they could be found outside participating in some type of activity or just hanging out with other students. My father being the hospitable Southern man that he was enjoyed waving at everyone whether he knew them or not and this included my blind and visually impaired friends.

One Sunday afternoon when we returned back to the school my mother finally noticed what he was doing and she said, “Warren, what in the world are you doing?” His simple reply was, “Waving.”

My mother said with exasperation that your daughter is attending a school for the blind and her friends are blind and cannot see you wave at them. He did not say anything until the next time they brought me back.

Instead of waving at the students that were outside, he simply rolled down his window and started shouting, “Looking good, looking good!”

I was mortified and when I got to my room and put my bag down on my bed one of my friends asked me if that had been my dad yelling out the window. My response was a loud, “NO!” but they knew my father’s voice so there was no getting around it.

In time I grew accustomed to him yelling out the window to my friends when they brought me back to Macon from Jasper and now that I am an adult and my father has passed away, it is one of my fondest memories because he never thought of me as being blind but just as being able to see in a different way.

If you attended a school for the blind or you have had your parents do something to embarrass you, please leave me a comment below and tell me your story.

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